I’m still working on that post about baby loss I started. It went in a different direction than originally planned and I’m stuck.
It’s like my brain wants me to write it but doesn’t at the same time.
And since my brain is stuck on that particular post, I can’t write anything else.

We had a lovely weekend away with the kids, did a lot of stuff, got a pic with a hot rugby player after the game we went to on Saturday, had baby cuddles on Sunday at a friend’s house. Now back to real life.

I miss my kids already. I took them to their dad’s on Sunday night. Mr7 was being weird in the car and when I asked him what was wrong he said he was sad because he wanted to keep the nail polish on his nails (bright red — all the kids did their nails at our friend’s house on Sunday, except Miss11 because her school doesn’t allow nail polish) but he knew Dad would yell at him until he took it off and he wanted to keep it on as long as he could but then his friend Max would tease him at school.

I told him that next time he’s home for the weekend, we can do his nails after school on Friday and he can keep it on ALL weekend. I suggested i could buy purple (fave colour) but he said he likes that red.


Still pisses me off that a man who wears a PINK shirt to work (not salmon, actual pink) has an issue with his son liking purple and wanting to wear purple.

Taking Mr7 to ukulele tonight so the mum guilt can STFU and I’m doing it for him, so he doesn’t miss out on something he loves, NOT to help out his father who doesn’t care.


9 thoughts on “Struggling…

  1. *Hugs and a sprinkling of writing dust* Your ex makes the sense that is not. I, personally, am against a man wearing pink, but I don’t have a problem with purple. But, I admit I am weird. LOL And, a guy in nail polish can be hot…especially if it’s black. 🙂

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  2. I’m sorry this is happening with dad. I had a friend in college who wore purple all the time, it was his favorite color and apart of his HS colors too (purple and black). He wore more HS Jerseys and tees in college than anyone I know! Like that made a difference, maybe it did. That is one way to get around it though! Doesn’t fix anything, but it could be a way around…

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