Reading isn’t writing

but it still beats staring at the wall, right?


I spent most of yesterday re-reading a story Bree wrote a while back, the one about Leah and Jane and Beau.

I love that story just as much as I love the story about Jenna & Lucas.

I did write a little bit on Thursday while we were at the library but nothing very important.

I got a LOT of traffic after I posted about my baby loss and now it’s gone back to normal numbers (around 10 views a day lol). The graph looks depressing but that’s only because I got 107 views the day I posted about Chloé and it kinda blew up my stats.

In RL news, pretty sure the gearbox of my car gave up on life. We had to ring AA (or AAA for you Muricans) to come get us. *sigh* I wonder how much I’d get if I sold a kidney.


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