“It’s just attention seeking”

Emma Knits

Dear Readers.

If someone tells you they feel so stuck, so lost, so alone, so completely fucked up that the only solution is to commit suicide PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take them seriously.

Do not tell them it’s attention seeking.
Do not get mad with them
Do not roll your eyes and ignore it
Do not tell them to stop being sillyDo not tell them to get over it
Do not tell them to go and do something to take their mind off it.

TALK to them.
HUG them.
Tell them you LOVE them.
ASK what you can do for them.
DON’T presume it is all ‘for attention’ brushing it, and them off.

I am not stupid, I know that some people threaten to commit suicide or do something to harm themselves to get attention, but just because they’ve done it once, even ten times before, doesn’t mean they aren’t being…

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