The Morning After the Night Before…

When we left Damon and Natalia they were falling asleep after an eventful night on their second date. This is the next day. ^_^



Damon woke up the next morning and rolled over, surprised to find the other side of the bed empty. He didn’t think she would have sneaked out in the middle of the night, and wondered if maybe she’d gone to the bathroom.

When she didn’t come back after 5 minutes he sighed then sat up, looking around the room, noticing the lack of clothes on the floor. It took him a minute to remember that they’d undressed each other in the kitchen, but her underwear wasn’t on the floor anymore.

That’s when he realised he could hear the shower going.

Not wanting to get his hopes up in case she had indeed left and his flatmate had come home earlier than planned, he got out of bed and pulled some boxers from his drawers and put them on before making his way down the hallway.

One look down the driveway out of the kitchen window told him that it definitely was NOT his flatmate in the shower and with a grin on his face he walked to the bathroom door. He was about to knock but decided to try the handle instead. The door was unlocked so he took it as an invitation to join her.

He walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him and locking it just in case. She must have heard the door because she turned around and smiled at him.

“Good morning,” she greeted him as she rinsed her hair.

He watched, mesmerised, as she squirted some bodywash into her hand then washed the front of her body. He groaned when her hands concentrated on her boobs and when she was rinsing the soap off, he pushed his boxers down and stepped into the shower stall with her.

“Good morning indeed. I was worried you’d sneaked out while I was sleeping,” he told her, putting his hands on her hips and pulling her close.

He dipped his head down at the same time she reached up on her tip toes and they both moaned when their lips made contact. It was a slow kind of kiss and when it ended she stayed where she was, her arms around his neck, her naked wet body plastered against him.

“What, and miss out on this? Are you mad?” she replied before kissing him, her tongue grazing his.

He groaned at the contact and moved his hands from her hips to the small of her back, pulling her closer. She moaned against his mouth and he knew she could tell the kisses were starting to affect him. She moved her hips from side to side and again he groaned.

“Maybe I am…” he countered, sliding both hands under her butt to lift her against him, while taking the two steps to the shower wall and pinning her to it, his hardening cock sandwiched between them.

She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned loudly, moving her hips against him, making it really difficult for him to keep a straight head.

There were no condoms in the shower.

They needed to stop.

But she felt so good against him he didn’t want to move, unless it was to slide his cock inside her inviting pussy. He buried his face in her neck instead and growled his frustration.

She whimpered and her hips started moving a little bit faster.

“Did I… did I mention I’m on the Pill? I can’t get pregnant… and I’m clean… I promise…” he heard her whisper and he groaned, feeling his restraint abandon him when he heard her words as she continued to whimper and move her hips against him.

She dug her nail in the back of his neck, making him look up at her, and she said the words that totally broke his will to wait.

“I need you inside me… please….” she pleaded and he breached the distance between them to capture her mouth with his in a hungry kiss, his tongue dipping between her lips to duel with her tongue.

He moved back until he felt the tip of his cock nudge at her hole and slammed inside her, hitting the back of her pussy and making her cry out loudly.

The way she was digging her nails into his shoulders made it very clear to him she wanted it as hard and fast as he did and he gave her what she needed. Besides, a shower was hardly the place for slow and intense!

He started to thrust harder against her, her moans against his ear causing his cock to harden further inside her and she whimpered. He groaned when her pussy started clenching rhythmically around his cock, and tightened his grip on her butt, the water cascading over the both of them.

He pulled back a bit to look at her and the rapt expression on her face as he was moving in and out of her pussy made him slow down unexpectedly, just because he wanted to enjoy it a bit longer.

He knew he should have waited until they were out of the shower but she’d looked so utterly fuckable he hadn’t been able to help himself. And seeing as his cock was now fully encased in her slick wet heat, he was glad at his lack of restraint.

She was moving her hips against him in time with his deep slow thrusts, moaning loudly every time he reached the back of her pussy and digging her nails into his shoulders.

He briefly wondered if he’d end up with marks where her nails had been but decided it didn’t matter, it was worth the other guys potentially hassling him later that day.

She tightened her legs around him and soon he wasn’t so much thrusting as moving deep inside her in time with her hips. Her moans got louder and the pressure in his cock started to build as her pussy started squeezing his cock tighter and faster.

Her moans became a litany of “Oh God!” and “Oh fuck!” and suddenly she screamed as her orgasm hit, her body going rigid against his, her back arching, the almighty clench of her pussy taking him over the edge a moment later with a shuddering groan.

He leaned against her with his full weight, amazed his legs hadn’t given way yet, his chest heaving, the both of them panting.

Finally he got his breathing more or less under control and looked up at her, as she unhooked her ankles and let her legs drop to the shower floor, her arms sliding from his shoulders to around his waist as his hands left her butt and gently moved a strand of hair from her face.

“Jesus Christ, woman, are you trying to kill me?” he asked, grinning at her.

She laughed huskily, not surprisingly after the way she’d just screamed and replied, “I could ask you the same question!”

He laughed and they got out of the shower. He handed her a towel and after drying his upper body, he wrapped his towel around his waist and looked over at her. He couldn’t help chuckling at what he saw.

There was no way the towel he had handed her was big enough for her to hide her delectable boobs or much of the rest of her body.

She narrowed her eyes at him and for a minute he worried he’d gone too far and she was going to leave but she smiled and shook her head.

“You’ll have to get bigger towels if you want me to come back, because this one is way too small!”

He winked at her. “I think I’ll have to, though I quite like the view…”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re so funny! All my clothes are in your kitchen, so it’s not like I have much of a choice in what to wear!” she told him as she wrapped the towel over her hips, leaving her boobs bare.

He walked up to her and bent down his head to kiss her softly.

“Come on then, let’s get your clothes and then we can get something to eat. Don’t worry about walking down the hallway like that, my flatmate won’t be back for hours.”

Her eyes widened in shock. “Oh my God! Your flatmate! I hadn’t even thought about that!”

She was blushing and he wanted to carry her back to bed to see if the blush was all over her body. So he did just that.

Some time later they got out of bed to have some breakfast. She was finishing the food on her plate when she suddenly stopped, her last piece of bacon halfway to her mouth. He looked at her, curious.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed with a panicked look on her face. “I have to be at work in half an hour!”

“Shit, that’s my fault, sorry…” he told her as he got off his chair and took both their empty plates over to the sink.

He remembered her telling him at dinner that she had work that afternoon but, like her, he hadn’t noticed it was so late in the morning.

He heard her get off her chair and then she wrapped her arms around his waist, her warm body pressed against his, her cheek against his naked back.

He put his hands over hers and heard her sigh. He felt her hot breath on his skin when she spoke.

“You really REALLY have nothing to be sorry for. Did you hear me complain?”she asked.

“No, but I heard you moan… a lot,” he replied with a chuckle before turning around in her arms, liking the smile on her face.

He ran his hands up her arms to her shoulders and started slowly rubbing the back of her neck. Her moan made him want to carry her back to bed but he knew they were out of time. He sighed.

“Are you gonna come watch the game tonight?” he asked, still rubbing her neck and loving the way she was digging her fingers into his sides, as if to anchor herself.

“Mmmm… that feels so good…” she moaned before looking up at him with a little smile. “I don’t know. It will depend on how tired I feel after work. Saturday afternoons are always manic.”

Her answer was not exactly the one he’d been after but he smiled at her anyway.

“Oh, ok. I understand.”

She dug her nails into his sides, making him groan.

“Hey! I’m not giving you the brush off. I’m just saying Saturday afternoons at the store are exhausting and I might not have the energy to make it to the stadium. Generally, I get home, have toast, get naked and crawl into bed,” she explained.

“I do like the sound of the you getting naked part,” he smirked, his hands moving up to cup her face as he brought her close for a kiss. She moaned against his mouth but too soon her hands moved from his sides to his chest and she pushed him away gently.

“You’re naughty… I have to go to work… I’m sorry… I will try and make it to the game, I promise.”

He saw her look at the clock again and let go of her.

“If you don’t, do you wanna catch up tomorrow sometime?” he asked her as he followed her to the lounge where she retrieved her handbag, all the while hating that she had to leave.

She turned and grinned at him, nodding. “Oh yes, I would like that very much!”

He walked her to the front door and opened it for her. “Or… I could… come to your house after the game, or something…” he suggested with a shrug, feeling a bit cheeky but he simply had to ask, he couldn’t just let her go without a definite plan to see her again.

She bit her lip and nodded, reaching up on tip toes to kiss him briefly.

“I’m sorry, I really have to go or I’ll be late and get told off. I’ll text you later, ok?” she offered and he nodded.

After one last kiss she was off and he went to get changed, deciding to go for a run before he headed out to the stadium.

He checked his phone after his post-run shower and he was stoked to find a text from her.

Hey there sexy man! Work is CRAZY! I had a chat with my friend Ashleigh at work and she’s keen to go to the game but didn’t want to go alone. We finish at 6pm and will head down after that. She said we’ll be in the South Stand. My first rugby game!! Can’t wait to see you in action… well… with clothes on this time 😉 Sorry for the novel! xx

He chuckled and shook his head, deciding to get ready before he replied. He doubted she would be replying anytime soon if work was as crazy as she’d said it was. He grabbed his gear bag, his keys and his phone and sat in his car, re-reading the longest text he’d ever received before he answered it.

You’re funny and I think a little bit crazy. I like it. A lot. But I think you know that already. I’ll look for you x

Suddenly he couldn’t wait to get out on the paddock.


Natalia followed Ashleigh though the gate and along the top of the covered stand as they made their way to the South Stand.

She was surprised to see that the stadium was still rather empty and wondered out loud if it was always like that. Ashleigh told her that most people tended to arrive closer to game time but that she liked to watch the players warm up.

Natalia laughed and told Ashleigh that it seemed like a great idea. They carefully walked down the stairs and found seats in the front row, a bit to the side of the goal posts.

Ashleigh explained that once, she’d been sitting right behind the goal posts during the warm up session and had nearly got hit by a ball when the kicker was practicing.

Natalia checked her phone again but there were no further texts from Damon.

She’d been grinning like a lunatic earlier when she’d read his reply to her text, after work had finished, to the extent that Ashleigh had thrown her a look and enquired about her mental state.

They’d laughed and Natalia had explained it was a text from the guy she’d spent the night with the night before and that he was going to be at the game. Ashleigh had oooh’d and aaah’d and hassled her for more info but Natalia had refused to tell her the name of the mystery man.

She had replied to his text with “I like you. A lot. But I think you know that already. Can’t wait!” and hadn’t heard back. She figured he was busy with team stuff and didn’t think anything of it. She’d be seeing him soon enough and that thought made her smile. Which brought Ashleigh’s attention back on the matter.

“So? Heard back from your Romeo?” Ashleigh asked with a smirk, her eyes on the players tunnel.

“Nope, but I’m not really expecting to, not this late,” Natalia replied.

“What do you mean, late? It’s barely past 6.30pm!” Ashleigh exclaimed before letting out a squee that made Natalia look towards the grand stand.

She saw the players from the visiting team come out and make their way toward the opposite side of the field from where they were seated. Natalia knew that would mean Damon’s team would be warming up right in front of them and she was finding it hard to contain her excitement.

“He’s a bit busy at the moment,” she countered, not giving anything away and feeling her heart speed up when the home team started running out onto the paddock. She kept expecting to see Damon but he wasn’t in the first group that came out. She sighed and turned to Ashleigh who was staring at her.

“Doing what? What does he do that keeps him busy so late on a Saturday night?” Ashleigh asked her, sounding a little confused.

Natalia finally spotted Damon and she bit her thumb to stop herself from whimpering out loud.

He looked so fucking hot in his tight jersey and short shorts, she felt her pussy clench as her brain bombarded her with vivid memories of the night before. And that morning in the shower… And after that in his bed…

She felt Ashleigh’s elbow nudge her arm and she turned to look at her friend who was, once again, staring at her expectantly.

“What?” she asked.

Ashleigh snorted. “I asked what you what that mystery guy of yours does that keeps him busy on a Saturday night and you went all spacey on me when the boys got out onto the field… Finally woke up to the hotness of rugby boys, have you?” she asked, as both girls looked over at the players on the field

Natalia giggled, nodding her head. “Oh I have… I really have… I woke up to it and then I had sex in the shower with it too,” she confided and Ashleigh’s head turned so fast Natalia feared the woman would get whiplash.

“Are you really saying what I think you’re saying? That the guy you had awesome sex with last night and this morning hasn’t replied to your text because he’s busy warming up in front of us RIGHT NOW?” Ashleigh asked, incredulous.

Natalia was trying so hard not to laugh at the look on her face she couldn’t speak, managing a nod instead.

“You are fucking kidding me!” Ashleigh exclaimed, looking over at the players going through their drills before looking back at Natalia who was shaking her head no.

“OH. MY. GOD! You HAVE to tell me who it was! And how you met! And ohmygod how could you not tell me?”

Natalia laughed at her friend, her eyes not losing track of the sexy man with the sexy beard who had rocked her world. She managed to ignore Ashleigh’s rambling and concentrate on the perving.

The way he was walking around on the field was doing things to her and she found she liked it and could get used to that. She gasped when they made eye contact and she saw the smile on his face when he noticed her, and smiled back at him.

She wanted to wave at him but she didn’t.

She wanted to jump down onto the field and climb him like a tree but that was definitely NOT a good idea, the stadium was filling up and he had a game to play.

So she stayed where she was, biting her thumb to stop herself from whimpering out loud and watched him do stretches and runs and line out practices and scrum drills.

She could tell Ashleigh was trying to guess who it was she was staring at, obviously running through some sort of elimination process with the way she kept throwing names at her.

She kept telling her friend that she didn’t know very much about rugby (which was true) or the names of the players she was being bombarded with (which was a little less true, as she’d looked the team up on the internet).

Soon enough the players went back into the sheds to get ready for kick off and Ashleigh turned her around for a proper interrogation.

“Right. Enough of the cryptic bullshit. Tell me who it is!” Ashleigh demanded, in a serious tone.

“He is tall and plays for the home team,” Natalia replied equally seriously.

“That doesn’t tell me all that much, you bitch! Only takes out the guys in the front row and the numbers 9 and 10!” Ashleigh replied frustrated.

Natalia smirked. “He came into work on Monday and asked me out, and I said yes, so we went out,” she explained, answering an earlier question.

“Well that’s hardly helpful, is it? Since I don’t work on Mondays and you know it!” Ashleigh was even more frustrated and it showed.

Natalia giggled. “Don’t want to give it away so soon, it’s only been a few days and I don’t want to jinx it!” she said to her friend right when the noise level increased dramatically, indicating the teams were walking out on the field and they both turned their attention to that.

Natalia spotted Damon immediately and once again felt her body respond to watching him walk around. She couldn’t remember ever reacting this strongly to a man she’d only just met and couldn’t wait until after the game, when she could be naked with him and wrap herself around him and take him inside her again.

The game started and she paid close attention to the explanations Ashleigh was giving her and made sure to ask questions when she was confused about something.

Watching Damon at the same time proved rather distracting.

When he scored a try that was later disallowed because of a forward pass she could feel his frustration from the other end of the field so when he scored another one in the second half, right in front of where she and Ashleigh were sitting, she jumped to her feet with the rest of the crowd and cheered loudly.

He looked right at her with a large grin before turning around to celebrate with his teammates and she was still grinning when she sat down. That’s when she noticed Ashleigh was staring at her with her mouth open.

“That’s HIM? Your mystery guy? Swaggy McSwag, with the sexy beard and the attitude problem that gets him yellow cards every other week, is the guy you had sex with last night?” Ashleigh asked for confirmation.

Natalia nodded and shushed her a bit, she didn’t need the whole stadium to know about her sex life! Ashleigh’s voice dropped to a loud whisper and she leaned to talk in her ear instead.

“Are you seriously telling me that Damon freaking Alexander asked you out and you said yes – wait, don’t answer that, of course you said yes, who the fuck in their right mind would refuse a piece of THAT!”

Natalia nodded again and it was her turn to whisper loudly in Ashleigh’s ear. Loud crowd was loud.

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you.”

“And you had sex with that bearded God?”


“A lot?”


“I hate you,” Ashleigh stated, before adding, “Is it likely to happen again?”

“I think so, yes… Is that a problem? Does he have a girlfriend or a wife he failed to mention?” Natalia asked, suddenly wondering if maybe it was too good to be true.

It wouldn’t be the first time a guy she’d been into had lied about his relationship status and she didn’t like to think Damon had lied to her.

“It’s a problem because I’m so fucking jealous, but otherwise, no, no girlfriend, no wife, no problem,” Ashleigh finished and Natalia laughed, relieved.

The loud cheering caused the girls to realise they hadn’t really been paying attention to the game and that it was nearly over and their team was winning.

When the final whistle blew, they were on their feet again, cheering and screaming with the rest of the stadium.

The girls sat back down when people started to get up and leave their seats, Ashleigh explaining that they’d just be queueing for a while up the stairs so they might as well stay where they were.

Natalia knew Ashleigh probably had more questions and she wasn’t sure she wanted to hear them, let alone answer them. She got her phone out of her bag and sent Damon a text.

Wow! That was amazing! When’s the next game? 😉 Do you still wanna come back to my house? No flatmate… It’s ok if you don’t. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of team celebrations…”

She wasn’t expecting a reply for a while, not sure what the protocol was after a game and started asking Ashleigh about the next home game. She was listening to her friend explain the way the competition worked when she heard the text alarm on her phone.

She saw it was from Damon and excused herself, getting out of her seat and walking away a little bit before she read the text.


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