Impromptu roadtrip #2!

It’s quicker to just reblog my wife than write my own post, since we’re on our way out right now!

Taranaki here we come!!

Emma Knits

SAM_5467 We can’t resist a chance to get up close and personal with this gorgeous mountain!

Lauriel’s friend is here from France and today we decided……

Hey!  Why not go to New Plymouth!

So that is what we are doing!  In our defense, the weather IS beautiful today and tomorrow is meant to be crap – there is no point going to New Plymouth and not being able to see the stunning Mt. Taranaki!  New Plymouth has always been special to Lauriel and I, as a couple, so we never turn down a chance to go for the day.

Before you ask, yes, all four kiddos are coming with… it is the school holidays in NZ right now, and we wanted to do something nice with our crew before Aidan and Eloise head off with their dad on Friday.

Know what?  It was me – little miss travel anxiety – that…

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Scaredy cat

I almost posted the new stuff I wrote this week (all 201 words of it…) but then I reconsidered.
200 words isn’t enough.

Is it?

I mean, the couple in the little bit I wrote don’t even have names, not that that stopped me before, but still…


Good news, I’m writing.
Not-so-good news, it’s not any of my stories, it’s a NEW thing. Again. *sigh*
The kids are on holidays for 2 weeks in 2 days, and it’s my birthday on Monday.
My wife’s sister left yesterday, with her 4yo, after spending a week with us. And a friend of mine from France arrived yesterday for a bit.

I’ve been in NZ 14 years and she’s the first person NOT from my family to visit…

It’s supposed to be spring but it’s cold and extremely windy and wet.

I started a shrug for my stepmum who turns 60 tomorrow, with wool I got with birthday money. It will be a bit late but I’m ok with that.

It’s my birthday this month

and my wife’s and my son’s.
We got both of them a fluffy bunny for their (early) birthday.


              Bunny McQueen


       Thomas or Mr Fluffy Bum (there’s debate on the actual name)


bunies 1

                       Our new fluffy boys!

My wife insisted she buy me the teeny tiny baby axolotl I kept looking at every time we went in the pet shop…

vI5Bd6vg.jpg large

e3c55i_F.jpg large