I miss my friend.

Dear Sarah,

It’s been 8 months and 5 days since the universe took you away.

Not a day goes past that I don’t miss you or find something I need to share with you.

I wrote ‘gonna sleep’ to my friend Nicci the other night and it reminded me of all those times you said ‘gonna pass out’ while we were chatting on FB.

The radio played Bohemian Rhapsody in the car the other day and it made me think of you, like it always does, and it made me cry. Not the best thing while driving.

Anyway, it’s your birthday today. You would have been 26.

I miss you.

I will always miss you.

I love you.


Road-tripping fun with French guest! **Pic spam**

A friend I have known for let’s say a really long time is staying with us at the moment. She arrived 2 weeks ago and is moving on to other parts of New Zealand tomorrow (first Wellington then the South Island).

We took her to a bunch of places that were worth visiting, even went on a couple of impromptu road trips on two of the days. Here are some of the pics of the things we’ve seen.

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