My mum arrived today. Hadn’t seen her in two years. She’s here until the end of January.

We took the kids out of school at lunchtime and drove an hour to pick her up from the airport.

On Thursday she goes to the Coromandel with my kids and my ex husband.

On Saturday my wife, her daughters and I fly to Christchurch to spend Christmas with her parents.

I’ve been writing, started a new story, once again.

Maybe one day I’ll finish one of them…


When the brain has other ideas…

I got up to pee at 6.20am then went back to bed because today is the only day of the week I don’t have to get up.

I was lying in bed trying to get back to sleep but my brain was trying to find a good starting line for that new story I’ve been thinking about for Bree. I rolled over to check the time on my phone on the bedside table, knocked over a pen and said, FINE! YOU WIN!

Crossed the room to get my notebook on the dresser and got back in the bed and wrote.

1h20 and 14 A5 handwritten pages later…

Not sure I got my mojo back but this is the most I’ve written in weeks!!