The word NO should not be so difficult to understand.



Approving your friend request does not give you permission to send me a dick pic.

Sure there are probably LOTS of people who would love to see your penis, but I am not one of them.  IF I want to see it, I promise I will use my words and ask for it.  IN FACT, I think you should ALWAYS wait for someone to use their words formally asking to see whatever it is you want to show off.

This is not me being prude.  It is absurd and ridiculous to blame me for your inappropriate behavior.  For those of you that tell me it isn’t a big deal, that it is my problem, and that I should just block them and move on… NO.  It is a big deal.  I mean the problem… not the penis.

This isn’t really even ABOUT the penis.  It’s a body part.  I…

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