Back to school…

I have enrolled for a Certificate of Art and Design through a local tertiary education provider (called UCOL, which stands for Universal College of Learning).12572979_10154562712482846_6235172916175277426_n

I was intent on looking for a job but then I found this and since I’m a big chicken and studying is (only vaguely) less scary that the whole job seeking process… (and at the moment, unless you are a nurse, teacher or manager, you’re out of luck).

I have done university before. Yanno, 20 years ago, when I finished high school… God I feel old. I never did all that well with studies, I have half a Masters degree in English from my university in France, I suck at essays, the translation class is the one that always saved my bacon.

This morning in the car I had a minor freak out.

I can’t do this. I suck at studying. I suck at essays. I’m 38, not 23 who am I kidding with this arts stuff?

Of course my wife will tell me I’m being silly and I’ll be fine. She’s probably right.

But it’s still scary.

At least I won’t be alone, a friend of mine enrolled to do the same course.


White People: Shut Up About Beyoncé

Bitter Gertrude

After the release of her game-changing, brilliant video, Formation, and the stir her Superbowl halftime show caused with dancers dressed like Black Panthers, Beyoncé is blowing up everyone’s feeds everywhere. And one thing I am shocked/notshocked to see is white outrage about both.

Let me begin by saying that I’m not a Beyoncé fan. I’m not a fan of any of the pop divas. I don’t have anything against them; it’s just not music that interests me. So Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Madonna, Mariah, Adele, I apologize, but I’m sure you and your massive success could not possibly care less that I would rather be listening to punk or classical. The only reason I’m pointing this out is to make sure you know I’m not a Beyoncé fan. This is not about defending a beloved star.

Let me tell you what it IS about.

The vast majority of Black people…

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Dumb-ass stuff we need to stop saying to Dads.

God yes!!
Yes, some dads suck but most of them are amazing parents.
I have shared care of my children, they love their dad and he loves them right back.
After we separated I went to see my family in France for 5 months and a LOT of people questioned my going back to NZ where the father of my kids was. HELLO!! He has a right to his kids, just like I do…