Choosing love over family


Here is a little thing I wrote over the Christmas break.

It’s the morning after Scarlett & Grayson saw each other again and I totally borrowed the characters from Bree (which she lets me do on a regular basis because she loooooooooooooovves me).

Grayson opened the door so the knocking would stop and was nearly bowled over by his 5 year old niece.

HI UNCLE GRAYSON!” Georgia’s piercing voice dissipated the last remnants of sleep that the incessant knocking had interrupted.

Hi Georgie Bear,” he said, picking her up for a quick cuddle and smiling at his sister standing in the doorway. “Sis.”

Hey. You do remember you offered to babysit while I finished my Christmas shopping, right?”

Um, yeah… was that today?”

Aspen sighed and Grayson felt bad for having forgotten because Scarlett was back and she was all he could – and wanted to – think about.
“That’s ok, don’t worry about it.” Aspen looked at her daughter who was still in Grayson’s arms. “Georgia, change of plans, your uncle is busy.”

Aww but you said I could stay with him this morning. I don’t want to go shopping, it’s boring.” Georgia held onto Grayson, her little arms tightening around his neck, starting to compromise his air intake.

Grayson heard footsteps behind him and Georgia’s shriek left his ears ringing as the little girl let go, pretty much jumping off him to launch herself at Scarlett.

AUNTIE SCARLETT!! You’re baaaaaaaaaack!”

Hello Georgie Bear.”

I missed you soooooo much!”
Scarlett got submitted to a barrage of kisses from a very eager 5 year old and Grayson smiled at the scene then looked at his sister. She was smirking and that was never a good thing.

What?” he asked point blank. No point beating around the bush.

Oh, nothing. Just worked out why you completely forgot your promise to your big sister, is all.”
“Shut up,” Grayson said, wishing she would just leave it at that. But he knew his sister. She’d voice her opinion on numerous occasion on the subject of his relationship with Scarlett. In the end they’d agreed to disagree but she never missed an opportunity to remind him that she thought they were meant for each other, if only one of them would man up and say something.

Not saying nothin’!” Aspen said, putting both hands up in surrender. “Come on Georgie, we’ll leave Uncle Grayson and Auntie Scarlett alone, I’m sure they have a lot of catching up to do.”
“But Muuuuuuuuuuum….” Georgia sounded close to tears.
“I’ll get you an ice cream at the mall or something,” Aspen said and Grayson thought she sounded exhausted already.

I don’t want an ice cream, I want Auntie Scarlett.” Georgia’s lip was getting wobblier and she was hanging onto Scarlett with a death grip, Grayson could tell from two metres away.

Georgia Grace, I don’t have the energy to argue with you right now,” Aspen said in a stern voice.

“No, I’m sure you can see Auntie Scarlett later. She’s just got home so we’ll give her and Uncle Grayson some space.”

Was Uncle Grayson supposed to look after you this morning, sweetie?” Scarlett asked the little girl in her arms. Georgie nodded. “Well, if Mummy says yes, maybe you can stay with us here while she does that shopping. I haven’t seen you in so long and I’m sure you have a lot to tell me.”

Georgia nodded again and looked up at where Grayson and Aspen were still standing by the door.

Are you sure?” Aspen asked before Grayson could. “I wouldn’t to take you away from your alone time. I’m sure you’re due back at your parents’ some time today or tomorrow and you probably need all the… fun… you can get first.”

Grayson gave his sister a warning look and she sighed, defeated.
“I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. I would be extremely grateful to the both of you if you would agree to look after my darling daughter for a couple of hours so I can finish my damn Christmas shopping.”
“No problem,” Scarlett said with a smile that made Grayson want to hold onto her forever. She was so caring and loving and he didn’t understand how her family couldn’t see that.

Bye, Mum!” Georgia squealed before taking Scarlett’s hand and dragging her to the couch, babbling a mile a minute.
Grayson turned back to his sister.
“That’s that sorted, then.”
Aspen smiled and gave him a hug.
“Thanks baby bro. You’re the best.”

Grayson closed the front door after Aspen left and got into the lounge to find Scarlett and Georgia cuddled up on the couch, just in time to hear his precocious niece say to Scarlett, “—and when you and Uncle Grayson get married I can be your flower girl. I already have a dress you know, it’s blue and very sparkly and Mum said it’s very special. I wanted a pink one but Mum said that wasn’t one of her colours so I couldn’t have pink.”
“Oh,” was all Scarlett replied. Grayson couldn’t quite decide if the look on her face was fear and shock or longing. Before he or Scarlett had a chance to say anything more Georgia continued.

I think it’s not fair, because Mum can wear the dress she wanted but I’m not allowed. I told Daddy it wasn’t fair at all and he said that when I get married I can pick whatever dress I want to wear and that will be fine but until then I have to wear the dress Mum choosed for me.” Georgia sighed.

Big sigh for a little girl, Georgie Bear. Listen, me and Auntie Scarlett haven’t had breakfast yet so I was thinking that maybe, if it’s ok with you, I could take the two of you ladies out.”

Oh yes please, Uncle Grayson!” said a rather excited 5 year old. “Can we go to the garden place with the playground, pleasepleaseplease?”

Once Grayson had agreed it was all go. Grayson and Scarlett took turns showering and getting dressed so Georgia wouldn’t be left alone and they were off.

A brilliant time was had by all at the garden centre café. Georgia spent a long time on the playground and Scarlett took about a million photos of her striking a variety of poses.

Then it was decided Scarlett just had to buy Georgia a reward for being so well-behaved and they headed to the mall where they had ice cream and a donut for lunch.

Grayson kept in touch with Aspen by text and told her they’d take Georgia back to his house to try the brand new elephant sprinkler he’d just had to buy to go with the brand new purple togs Auntie Scarlett had bought Georgia.

Aspen picked up a very tired but happy child around 3pm, making Scarlett promise they’d have a proper catch up soon before she took her daughter home.

When Grayson came back inside from seeing his sister off he realised Scarlett was on the phone. From her clipped tone he surmised she was talking to her mother and decided to give her some privacy.


We’ll see you at six o’clock then.”
“Six o’clock, Scarlett.” Her mother’s stern tone brook no argument and Scarlett knew better thant to even try.

Yes, Mother,” Scarlett replied to the dial tone before putting her phone down on the coffee table with a sigh.

She leaned back against the couch and closed her eyes. She felt Grayson sit down beside her and when his arm went around her shoulders she snuggled close, her arm finding its way around his middle.

You ok?” Grayson whispered and she shook her head against his chest. “Aww, bub.”

Scarlett always loved it when he called her that but today it just made her want to cry so she pressed closer against him.

Mum said I’m expected for dinner at six o’clock. That Christmas is for family time and that I am being selfish wanting to catch up with friends instead.”
“Aww, bub…” Grayson said again and Scarlett looked up at him.

She tried to smile but didn’t quite make it and when Grayson leaned in to touch his lips to hers she felt the tears start to fall. She straddled him as they kissed, his arms around her.

Right here in Grayson’s arms was where she wanted to be, where she wanted to stay. She’d missed him so much in the six months since she’d had to move away for her job. At first she’d told herself it was because she was used to spending so much time with him.

And the sex. She’d missed the sex, of course, but she’d come to realise it was more than that that she missed. She missed him. His smiles, his jokes, his embrace, the way his body fit perfectly with hers, the way they could just not talk all day and just know what the other was thinking.

The kiss ended and Grayson cupped her face with both hands, his thumbs wiping the tears off her cheeks.

Hey,” he said in a soothing tone, “it’ll be ok, you’ll see.”

You don’t know that,” Scarlett replied, wanting to believe him but finding it difficult.

No, but I know you.”

Scarlett nodded because he was right; he knew her better than anyone else. But there was a very important thing he didn’t know and suddenly Scarlett couldn’t hold back anymore. It was time to be a big girl and go after what she wanted.

Aspen had assured her on numerous occasions that Grayson was worried she might bolt if he said anything about wanting to be more than friends with benefits.

Yes, you do.” Scarlett sighed. “I don’t want to have dinner with my parents tonight.”
“Then don’t. Your mum will have a fit but she probably will have one even if you show up,” Grayson said and Scarlett giggled, trying to ignore his hands stroking her lower back.

“How dare you not be “perfect” like your sister?” His use of air quotes made Scarlett laugh. It was a long running joke between them ever since they’d met and Grayson had met Scarlett’s sister.

Her mother never missed a chance to remind Scarlett of how perfect her sister Louisa was, with her perfect house and perfect husband and perfect children and perfect life. Little did she know that her precious daughter was a snobby bitch with a painkillers addiction and the twins were bullies who never heard the word no from their mother about anything.

Scarlett was sick of hearing her mother going on about her not owning a house and putting her career ahead of finding a husband.

Is it bad that I don’t care about what my darling sister has been up to since the last email update two weeks ago?”

Nope, I think that’s great. You don’t need that kind of bullshit in your life.”
Scarlett figured that was the perfect opening so she put her hands on Grayson’s chest and, taking a deep breath for courage, she made eye contact and threw herself in the metaphorical deep end.

You know what I do need in my life though?” Scarlett asked, the butterflies in her stomach doing a mad dance. Grayson didn’t answer but she felt his hands stop on her lower back as he listened intently. She licked her lips and continued. “I need you. The one thing that is crystal clear to me now, after spending six months away and missing you like crazy, is how much I need you in my life.”

Grayson’s fingers tightened their hold on her but still he said nothing. Scarlett wondered if he knew she wasn’t quite done yet and wanted her to get it all out before he said something. Or maybe he was just getting ready to throw her off him and ask her to leave. Oh well.

So I don’t want to have a horrible uncomfortable dinner with my parents where they can pick on me like they always do. What I really want is to stay right here, with you, for as long as you’ll have me around. There, I said it. And I real—”

She didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence because Grayson pulled her to him with both hands and proceeded to kiss the breath out of her like never before.

She whimpered against his mouth when his tongue slipped between her lips to tangle with hers and melted into him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed down on him, moaning loudly when she felt the ridge of his cock harden between her spread legs as she straddled him.

The kiss broke eventually, both of them breathing hard, and Grayson pulled back a bit to look at her.
“You better mean it, because I’ve been waiting a long time for you to say that and I don’t plan on letting go. Ever.”

The intensity in his voice made Scarlett gasp.

I meant every word,” she whispered, thanking her lucky stars Aspen had been right; the look of adoration on Grayson’s face was one she’d never quite noticed before and it made her clit throb.

Grayson groaned and Scarlett only then noticed she’d pressed down on him again. She smiled at him and bit her lip, a shiver running down her spine when she felt Grayson’s hands slip under her top.

Good,” he said, moving his hands up, skimming her sides. She lifted her arms to assist with the removal of her top, holding her breath when Grayson put his hands on her waist.

His fingertips on her skin felt different than every other times before that. She moved her hands between them, finding the hem of his shirt and helping him out of it. It was only fair his top was off too.

The sight of his broad chest filled her with the familiar tingles but they felt more intense and she couldn’t resist exploring the warm skin with her fingers. Grayson let out a low moan and Scarlett felt him harden further.

The feeling caused her pussy to clench and she couldn’t wait to have Grayson’s thick cock inside her again. But there was something she needed to say first.

Her fingers drawing patterns on Grayson’s chest, she looked into his eyes.

Grayson?” She knew she had his attention but needed to say his name.

Yes?” One of his hands moved to the small of her back while the other rested loosely on the back of her neck, keeping her close.

I…” Scarlett stopped to lick her lips, Grayson’s eyes dropping to her mouth then back to her eyes.

Yes?” he encouraged her again as his thumb started stroking her skin.

Scarlett closed her eyes and hummed happily, enjoying the way his touch made her feel.

I love you.” The words were out of her mouth the second she opened her eyes and they felt right.

Grayson pulled her down, his mouth an inch from her trembling lips, his hot breath mingling with hers.
“I love you too,” he said a second before their mouths met, tongues running against each other, moans and whimpers getting louder as the kissing intensified.

Scarlett was moving her hips against him, only aware of the hardening ridge of his erection beneath her, the urge to feel his naked body against hers, inside hers, getting stronger with each stroke of his tongue against hers.

She didn’t know why they’d waited so long to tell each other how they felt when saying the words felt so right and so amazing. She became aware he’d undone her bra when he broke the kiss to suck on her nipple instead.

Her hands flew to the back of his head and her hips bucked sharply, which in turn caused Grayson to suck harder on her nipple.

The sensations coursing through her body were unlike anything she’d felt before and suddenly she needed more. She needed to be naked with this man. She needed to feel his cock sink into her, again and again, until neither of them could more anymore.

Scarlett moved her hands to the sides of Grayson’s head and slowly pulled him away.

Grayson… stop…” She didn’t really want him to stop, but she wanted to be naked with him more.

Huh?” Grayson asked in a daze. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” The immediate concern on his face made her heart melt.

You didn’t. I just… I need to be naked with you,” Scarlett replied, sure she was blushing and feeling silly for it. They’d been having sex for over two years but this was the first time she’d felt embarrassed and slightly self-conscious. She put that down to the fact that this would be the first time they’d be making love.

A most brilliant idea,” Grayson said with a huge smile which Scarlett returned before hopping off his lap to stand in front of the couch.

Grayson stood up in turn and feeling him so close was too much for Scarlett. His bedroom seemed a million miles away and her hand attacked the waistband of his pants where he stood, undoing the button and zipper in record speed.

She pressed her upper body to his as her hands rounded his butt, moving his pants and boxers down, the feel of his hard cock springing free against her belly making her moan in anticipation.

Next it was his turn to push her pants down, his hands stroking along her legs on the way down then back up. Finally they were both naked and nearly shaking with the force of their desire for each other.

Scarlett took the one step separating them and their lips met again, unhurried this time, a slow exploration of each other’s mouth, reaffirming the connection between them.

Hands roaming over each other’s bodies before Grayson fell back, sitting on the couch, Scarlett straddling his thighs.

Her clit was throbbing non-stop and her pussy clenching in need so, without wasting any more time, she moved forward, lifting her hips only high enough to feel the tip of his cock nudging at her hole, and impaled herself on his hard cock in one swift move.

They both let out a loud moan, never breaking the kiss. Scarlett moved her arms around Grayson’s shoulders, his arms circling her middle as she started moving her hips.

Oh fuck!” they said pretty much at the same time before the kissing started again. The only noises in the room were the moans and groans escaping both of them as Scarlett moved against Grayson, his cock reaching all the sweet spots inside her cunt.

Grayson started pulling her down on him, his fingers digging into her sides as her own fingers dug into his shoulders, anchoring him to her. Sex with Grayson has always been amazing but this was on a new level entirely.

I love you,” he groaned against her ear and she felt her pussy clench around his cock, the words spurring her on to grind faster against him.

I love you,” she whispered in his ear before she bit down on his neck, shrieking when Grayson’s hips bucked against her and he hit deeper inside as a result.

She could feel her orgasm building with every stroke of his cock against her A-spot and her clit was throbbing non-stop from the friction between their bodies. She’s always loved this particular position for that reason.

Grayson moved his hands to the back of her head, licking a path from her shoulder to the crook of her neck. Scarlett shuddered with pleasure then a minute later Grayson bit down and she came hard, her scream ringing in her ears, making her throat raw. Grayson went rigid against her, emptying himself deep inside her with a grunt.

She collapsed against him and he leaned against the back of the couch, his arms loosely around her, hands lazily stroking her back as they both tried to catch their breath.

So not going to that dinner with my parents!”


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