Valentine’s Day Reunion part 2

In case you missed Part 1… Here is the link.

Their eyes met and she saw the moment he recognised her. Her cheeks were burning and she wished the floor would open and swallow her.

“Sis, you remember Mike, don’t ya?” Tim said with a grin that told her he knew she did, before he pulled her with him into the lounge. She had no choice but to follow.

“Of course I do,” she bit out as they stopped in front of Mike.
“Hi.” He was smiling. Oh god, he was smiling.
“Hi,” she replied, trying not to smile back but his gorgeous smile was infectious.

She removed Tim’s arm from around her, making sure to dig her nails in nice and deep to ensure he was aware of her displeasure. Tim winced but said nothing about it.

“How are you? Don’t think I’ve seen you since…” she pretended to think, as if she didn’t know exactly when the last time she’d seen him was. Or what had happened that night.

“Your 21st,” he finished for her and she nodded, digging her nails into the heels of her palms to prevent herself from screaming, or maybe bursting into tears, she really couldn’t tell at this point.

Tim miraculously caught on the tension emanating from his sister and jumped in.
“I went to the supermarket after work to get beer for tonight and I bumped into this guy. Didn’t even know he was back in town! He said he had no plans tonight so I kinda talked him into joining us.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Sienna has pretty much missed everything her brother had just said except the last part about Mike joining them for the evening. She’s been too busy drinking in the man in front of her.

He looked the same as when she’d last seen him 5 years ago but, hotter. Way hotter. His arms were bigger, but not in that over-the-top bulging-muscles way some men seemed to favour; one of them completely covered in tattoos and Sienna couldn’t help wondering if he had any more tattoos hiding under that tight T-shirt of his. She’d noted the way his dark jeans framed his butt when she’d walked into the room earlier and the view from the front was just as drool-worthy.

She knew she had to stop staring before the boys noticed that she’d turned into the heart-eyes emoji so she turned to her brother and looked at him expectantly.
“I said, I invited Mike to join us tonight so we can catch up,” Tim repeated.
“How could I say no to Mrs Wong’s pork dumplings?” Mike joked.

Sienna smiled and the trio agreed that Mrs Wong’s dumplings were unrivaled. Talking about the stupid dumplings for the second time in half an hour made Sienna very hungry but the prospect of spending a few hours sitting at the same table as the man who had unknowingly broken her heart into tiny little pieces was more than she could stomach. Even for the best dumplings in the country.

“It’s been lovely to see you again,” she started, faking a smile. “But I just remembered I forgot to do something very important for work tomorrow so I’m going to leave you boys to your catch up and go home.” Lying through her teeth but hey, a girl needed to do what a girl needed to do.

“It’s Valentine’s Day,” Tim said.
“Yes, thank you, Tim, I’m aware of that,” Sienna replied, not looking at her brother, or Mike for that matter, instead looking inside her handbag for her keys.

“You don’t do work on Valentine’s Day. We have Chinese and watch Anchorman and drink beer and have junk food.”
“Not this year.” Sienna had her keys in her hand.
“But it’s tradition!” Tim exclaimed.

“I can go,” Mike offered. “I wouldn’t want to intrude.” At least one of the males in the room was aware the mood had changed and Sienna looked at him, her smile small but genuine this time.
“No, that’s ok, I’m sure you two have a lot to catch up on. Don’t worry about it. I’m not very hungry anyway.” More lies.
“If you’re sure,” Mike said and Sienna nodded.

Mike took a step towards her and before Sienna had a chance to escape, he’d put his arms around her in a tight hug. Her face against the strong wall of his chest, she closed her eyes and inhaled the scent of him.

I can do this… Just for a minute or two. Oh God, he smells so good. He feels so good.

She managed to prevent the soft moan from escaping her throat just in time but she could not stop her arms from wrapping around his middle.

I wish… No. He’s not mine. Never mine. Can’t do this.

She pushed away gently, breaking the hug and looking at the ink on his arm to give herself countenance, before looking at Tim.

“You guys have fun.” She walked out of the lounge then, turning to quickly glance at Mike who was standing by her brother, his eyes on her, as she made the turn down the hallway. She forced herself to walk all the way back to her car when she wanted to run instead and had made it halfway home when the tears started.

Part 3 this way


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