Valentine’s Day Reunion part 4

Did you read part 3 first?

He heard Sienna talk to Tim in the kitchen then she was back, carrying a small bottle which he guessed contained that flavoured milk they were talking about. He was surprised when she sat down on the couch next to him, her lower leg pressing along his thigh as she presented him with the bottle with a flourish that made him smile.

“I present to you, the world’s most delicious flavoured milk in the history of flavoured milks,” she said with a smile that made him want to wrap his arms around her and kiss the daylights out of her.

He stopped himself, just, and instead took the offered drink.

“Oh God,” Tim said as he walked back into the lounge carrying three cans of Coke. “Please don’t make sex noises like she does when she drinks that stuff, I beg you.”

“Fuck up, Tim,” Sienna snapped at her brother, her eyes never leaving Mike as he undid the lid and moved the bottle to his lips. She was staring at his mouth now and he had to look away before he gave away how much he liked that.

He heard the metallic clunk of the Coke cans on the coffee table as he took his first mouthful of the milk but didn’t get a chance to taste it properly. Tim handed his sister a can with a “Here’s that cock you wanted,” that made Mike choke on his drink.

“Oh my god, Tim, you’re suck a dick! Mike, are you ok?” Sienna asked as she took the bottle out of his hand and set it on the coffee table, her other hand going to his back and rubbing it slowly.

Mike was coughing and struggling to breathe but he managed to nod; the heat from Sienna’s hand felt like it was radiating on his back and it helped him focus on breathing properly again.

He felt her fingertips on his hand and realised she was trying to pry the lid out of it. He let go of the piece of plastic and watched Sienna secure it on the bottle so it wouldn’t spill. He missed her hand on his back but then she put her hand in his and asked again if he was ok.

“I’m fine.” He squeezed her fingers gently and smiled, wishing they were alone so he could show her exactly how fine he was.

“He’s fine. Can we eat now?” Tim asked, and Mike realised that his friend was standing there watching them with a smirk. He let go of Sienna’s hand and she moved away to the other side of the couch like she’d been burned.

Seemingly unaware of the renewed tension between his sister and his friend (or maybe he just didn’t care) Tim took the lids off the food boxes and dished out his own dinner before grabbing his can of Coke and settling on the armchair next to the couch.

Mike followed suit without a word while Sienna pressed play on the TV remote before filling her plate. They ate in silence as the movie started.

Mike could feel her eyes on him throughout the movie but every time he turned to look at her she had her eyes fixated on the TV. He’d seen the movie a dozen times so he didn’t bother paying much attention to it and he knew from Tim that watching this movie was a tradition for the siblings so it wasn’t like Sienna needed to pay close attention to what was happening in the movie.

There was something else going on and he really wanted to get to the bottom of it. That kiss at her party five years earlier had been on his mind a lot lately and now that they were both single again he was keen to explore the connection he’d felt with her then.

If he was truly honest with himself, he’d felt a connection since he’d met her some ten years ago. She’d been sixteen then and he’d met Tim when they were both named in their school’s First XV after Mike had transferred from a different school. He’d have to have been blind to not notice she seemed to have a huge crush on him but she was his best friend’s sister and as such, completely off limits.

So he’d been nice to her but kept his distance and found himself a girlfriend. Okay, there’d been a few until he’d met Jen, whom he’d thought was The One, so when they’d both found a great job in the capital, he’d been glad for the opportunity.

He still wasn’t sure what had decided him to go to Sienna’s 21st that night, with a flight early the next day, but he’d gone and the next day he and Jen had started their lives together in a new city.

And there he was, 5 years and a broken engagement later, moving back and hoping to rekindle some spark that, on a rational level, he wasn’t even sure was actually there. He became aware that Tim was on the phone and walking out of the lounge, surprised he hadn’t even heard his friend’s phone ring.

He let out a sigh and leaned back to get more comfortable, stretching his arms out to the sides onto the back of the couch, freezing when his fingers encountered warm skin.

Had he been that engrossed in his thoughts he hadn’t realised Sienna had moved a little bit closer so his hand had accidentally landed on the back of her neck? He waited to see if she’d move back to the edge, outraged, but instead she shuffled towards him a fraction so his fingers were now on the crook of her neck.

His thumb started stroking the soft skin of her neck without any conscious thought and he was sure he heard her hum softly. She was sitting with her legs folded under her, her feet inches away from his legs.

“Ok, ok, I’ll be there soon, babe, I promise, just let me say goodnight…” Tim walked back in the room, putting his phone back in his pocket. He stopped by the chair he’d been sitting on and addressed Mike and Sienna as he was looking on the seat. “Sorry guys, I gotta go, Sasha managed to find a reliable internet connection so we’re gonna Skype.” He stood back up and turned around. “Have you seen my keys?”

If he was surprised to see Mike with his arm essentially around his sister’s shoulder it didn’t register on his face.

“Um, did you check the bench in the kitchen? That’s usually where you throw them when you come in on date night,” Sienna replied, not moving a muscle.

Tim walked back to the kitchen and Mike heard the jingle of keys and steps heading away.

“Night you two!” Tim called out from the front of the house. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

The front door slammed and they were alone.



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