Unwanted Attention (Selina & Donovan part 8)

A LOT of dialogue this time… But the plot is moving along… ^_^

“Thanks Mum but I think he already has.” I kiss her cheek and we let go of each other. She reminds me to take good care of myself as I head home.

It’s been three days and I’m still feeling queasy. I had to buy more peppermint tea because I’ve been drinking it constantly and I ran out.

The bitch at work is back, her trip cut short because she caught the toy boy with a twenty something blonde skank while on their cruise. It’s so fun listening to her go on and on about it, I’m close to shoving needles in my ears.

I’m having lunch with Lacey today and I can’t wait. Haven’t seen her since Saturday night. I heard from London that Lacey never showed at work on Monday. Naughty.

London is out of town on a photo shoot with her Mr Tall Dark Handsome and British so it will be just the two of us. She’s coming to me because I’m still absolutely swamped at work.

I check my phone again. Yay, time to go meet my friend and escape the millionth lecture about how horrible men are…

“I’m going on my lunch break. I’ll be back in an hour,” I call out as I leave the shop, considering the grunt the bitch lets out acknowledgement enough.

I find Lacey waiting for me by the entrance to the mall down the street. We hug then walk into the shopping centre and head for the foodcourt.

“What takes your fancy?” I ask Lace as we get closer.

“I was thinking maybe sushi?” she replies and my stomach rebels at the idea. Ugh. I love sushi. What the hell is going on with me?

“You can have it you want, I’ll have to find something else. I don’t know what I ate this weekend but I still feel yuk.”

“That’s no good. How much longer are you gonna wait until you get seen?” Lacey asks, knowing how much I loathe going to the doctor unless I absolutely need to.

I shrug. “It’s just a tummy bug, there’s no point.”

She rolls her eyes.  “Fine.”

“I just need to find something to eat that doesn’t make me want to hurl.”

“Talking about things that make you want to hurl, have you had any more texts or calls from the skank?” Lacey asks, blunt as ever.

“Of course. I don’t ever answer her calls, or reply to her texts, but I did get a few on Sunday night promising me I was going to pay. I guess she found out about Saturday night.”

“Saturday night? I feel like I missed an episode.” I thought London would have told her by now but apparently not.

I decide to give her the short version.

“Got home. Donovan was there. We argued. We had angry sex. He spent the night. In the morning he wanted to talk about it. I said no and told him to blame me. The skank rang. I locked myself in the bathroom. He left his watch and my hoodie on the kitchen table. Anyway, how was your night with Chris? I heard you called in sick on Monday as well so it must be going really well.”

Lacey blushes and points out to a free table.

“Let’s sit there. I’ll get my sushi then tell you everything while you decide what you want to eat.”

I sit down and watch my friend join the queue at the sushi place. Even though I already know all the food places in here I take the time to take a look around, trying to decide what I feel like. I sigh as nothing sparks my interest.

I hear my phone go and check it with a smidge of dread, I’ve been getting random calls since Monday, from unknown numbers. Thankfully it’s my mum.

“Hi Mum!”

“Hi honey. Just called to see how you’re feeling. I hope I’m catching you on your lunch break and not interrupting work.”

“Yes, I’m at the mall with Lace. She’s getting sushi.”

“Yum! I had boring pasta salad for my lunch. Are you having sushi as well?”
“No, still don’t feel like eating much at all.”

Mum sighs. Here comes the lecture…

“Honey, you need to eat. You can’t live on herbal tea.” Why did my mum have to be a nurse?

“Yes Mum, I’ll find something that doesn’t make me wanna puke, I promise.”

“Good girl. I better let you go, I’ll catch you later. Love you.”

“Love you too!”

I hang up and put my phone down on the table. Lacey is on her way back to our table and I still haven’t made up my mind about what I want to eat.

Maybe a smoothie from the juice bar place is the way to go. I wait for Lacey to sit down before I go get my banana and berry smoothie (with a shot of spirulina, so I can tell Mum I had something vaguely healthy).

I sit down in front of my friend who’s waited for me to start on her lunch and I grin at her.


I do love making my friends blush. I’m glad they’re looking so happy at the moment, with all the heartache going on in my life.

“When we got to my house I asked him in for a coffee.”

“Did he get that coffee before you jumped him?” The look on her face is a dead giveaway but I love how she pretends to be offended.

“He did get that coffee, thank you very much! Just… it was the next morning.”


“Shut up. I made coffee and we sat on the couch and one thing led to another and well… yanno…”

“Did you make it to the bedroom?”

“Eventually, yes,” Lacey giggles and I laugh along with her. “And yes, I totally called in sick on Monday morning and we went to his house and spent the day there. He has a spa.”

“Oooooh! Niiiiiice!”

“I may have been a tiny bit late for work on Tuesday,” she adds innocently and I nearly spit my smoothie.

“Good God, woman!!”

“What? We both really really enjoy… spending time together, and

“Is that what you call it these days then?” I snort.

“What can I say… He’s hot, he has tattoos, he has piercings, he’s amazing in bed and he wants me. I am powerless to resist!”

“Good. I see no reasons for you to resist this man who is clearly made for you!”

I hear my phone’s message tone and look down. It’s a message from a number I don’t know and it’s got a photo attached to it. I wait for it to load and take a look.

It’s some unknown guy’s cock.

“What the fuck?” I drop my phone on the table, disgusted. Lacey picks it up and the look on her face tells me she feels the same about seeing the unwanted appendage.

Who the hell is sending me dick pics?

“Ew! What the fuck indeed?” Lacey says, passing me my phone back.

I delete the text. If only it was as easy to erase a memory from a person’s brain. I need brain bleach after this one!

“I wonder it has to do with those random calls I’ve been getting for the last couple of days.”

“What? What kinds of calls?”

“Not sure, I didn’t recognise the number so I didn’t pick up. Besides, I was busy with work but they didn’t leave an actual message, just some heavy breathing before they hung up.”


“Uh huh.”

We finish our respective lunch with a conversation about London and her photographer, with much giggles and wonderings. Can’t wait to get the goss on that one!

Over the next couple of days, I get a few more unsavoury photos that I delete on sight. After the tenth one though, always from a different number, I send a text back.

Where did you get this number?”

I don’t give a fuck about why some stranger decided to send me a photo of his dick, but I care about where and how these guys got my number.

The reply is prompt. It’s another photo, a graffiti in what looks like the men’s bathroom at the Devil’s Den. The decor looks enough like the women’s one, but the urinals give it away.

My phone goes again and it’s a close up of the graffiti. It says “I’m a cock hungry slut. Want to hook up? Let me see your dick first” then my mobile number.


That certainly addresses why I was getting all those phone calls and dick pics.

I know the stick insect is behind this, somehow. I just don’t know how exactly she pulled it off.

My phone rings and it’s London.


“Hey you, you still at work?”

“Nah, just got home. What’s up?”

“First of all, I’m sorry we can’t hang out tonight,” London apologises and I shrug even though she can’t see me.

“That’s ok, you’re busy with that new man of yours, and Lacey is busy with hers. I’m just going to lock myself in my office or something.” I have some designs I’ve been thinking about, not work-related ones, and I need to spend some time on them.

“You’re sure you don’t mind? I feel bad for abandoning you.”

“I’m sure,” I say, meaning it. “I have stuff I need to work on and it’s about time I did that.”

“Okay. I still feel bad you’re all alone on a Friday night though.” She sighs. “Anyway, I was wondering if maybe you’d want to meet up for lunch tomorrow,” London asks and the way she’s asking makes me think something is up.

She knows I’m always up for lunch, especially if I’m not working. And, by some miracle, tomorrow happens to be a Saturday where I don’t have to work. I give a silent thanks to my boss’s ex-toy boy for cheating on her thus making her want to lose herself in work and giving me the day off.

“You know I do. Where did you have in mind?”

“Oh, the usual place.” She’s not giving me much to work with so I decide to cut to the chase.

“Are you finally introducing your boyfriend to us?” I ask and I don’t need to see her to know she’s blushing.

“Shhhh, don’t call him that!! It’s way too early for that kind of word, but yes, he said he wants to meet you girls and well, since Chris will be at work, I figured it would be the best place to meet.”

“A most brilliant idea,” I assure her.

“I told him 1pm so we can have some girl time before he gets there.”

“Ooh yes! I can’t wait to hear all about this mysterious man you’ve been hiding from us!” I laugh, then add, “Mind you, Lacey has been pretty busy with Chris…”

“She mentioned you got a pretty nasty text the other day at lunch. How are you feeling?”

“Oh you mean the dick pic? It was but the first of many!”


“Oh yes, I got a dozen different ones I think.”

“Oh my god!” London sounds about as disgusted as I felt after the first one. Now I just roll my eyes and press delete.

“Yeah… I actually replied to the last one and

“You WHAT?” London screams in my ear.

“I asked where he’d got my number.”

“Oooh good thinking. Did you get a reply?”

“I did. Apparently I’m a cock hungry slut who wants to see some dicks… It says so on the wall at the Devil’s Den.”

“Oh my god! Do you think Donovan…”

“What? No! Not for a second.” I can’t believe she even thought that. There is no way he’d do something like that.

“Sorry, I had to ask even though I know he would never do bullshit like that to you. So what are we thinking? Stick insect?”

“Who else?”

“Can I claw her eyes out yet?” She sounds so serious, it makes me laugh.

God I love my friends, always having my back.

“Sure. She shouldn’t be too hard to find.”

London laughs. “Yeah, she needs to learn to make herself scarce. I better go, Tom is picking me up soon.”

“Send me a pic of what you’re wearing!”

“I will. See you tomorrow. Love you. Bye!” She hangs up before I have the time to say goodbye.

A minute later I hear a Whatsapp notification and open it to see a pic of my friend wearing a very sexy black dress and leopard print heels.

I send back a message saying, “He doesn’t stand a chance! Have fun!”

I look at the time and I know that Mum will be texting or ringing me soon to check on me. She has every night this week to date. I keep turning down her offers to come for dinner because I don’t want her to know just how rotten I’ve been feeling.

The constant mild nausea from earlier in the week has progressed to full-blown vomiting; it starts late afternoon and goes on late into the night. I have barely been able to keep anything down, sticking to peppermint tea and smoothies to keep me going.

No way do I want my mother finding out, she would be very unimpressed with me for not going to the doctor’s. And I’m not going to the doctor’s for a simple tummy bug.

Donovan is still ringing me at least once a day but I don’t even let it go to voicemail anymore, I just swipe left to refuse the call. I get that he wants to talk but I don’t. I can’t.

I guess I should feel lucky he hasn’t showed up at my door (or on my couch), instead sticking to calling and texting.

I do wonder what he told his girlfriend on Sunday. Did he have a shower before he went to see her, or did he go straight to her place to confess, smelling like sex?

Did he wash my scent off his face or did he walk around all day still smelling like me, like he did the first time he went down on me?

*Part 9, And a very horny Christmas to all, is up*

*ICYMI, part 7, Moving on is not so easy when he’s still in your bed*


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