The Price of Skin – a personal essay on the ownership of women’s bodies

Great essay. Wow is right.
You know, I’m still confused with how the world at large sees women as the ‘weaker sex’ yet women are the ones told to cover up so men aren’t tempted…
I grew up in France, I’ve been topless on a beach, I live in NZ now where girls at the swimming pool or the beach hide in their towels.

My kids know there is nothing wrong with nudity or sexuality. It’s important to me that they know that.

Thank you for this post!!

The Likkleone

I just got my grades back for my final assignment for my last unit and I’m so happy. I got 87% which is a High Distinction and my tutor started her comments with “Wow”. Maybe I’m bragging a little bit but I’m SO STOKED. It took a lot of work and there were elements I was concerned about but turns out I needn’t have worried. She made two comments total for the whole thing and they were both compliments on how it was going. I’ve posted my essay below – it’s a bit longer than anything I’d usually post but hopefully you don’t mind.

Aaargh! That’s such a relief. I definitely deserve a glass of champagne tonight. And it just so happens I’m going to a champagne degustation in 1.5 hours – how handy is that?


I’m standing on the front steps of our house. Naked. It’s summer and a breeze ruffles…

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And a very horny Christmas to all! (Selina and Donovan part 9)

Wow, that took way longer than I thought it would…

The last weeks of Term 2 were very stressful and this chapter, which I started to cut through all the doom and gloom happening in my story, proved way harder to write that I had anticipated.

It’s a flashback scene, to how it all started, so I started writing in the past tense and it really REALLY wasn’t working. Back to present tense I went and it worked so much better (you don’t need to know all the details but I felt I need to explain…).


Did he have a shower before he went to see her, or did he go straight to her place to confess, smelling like sex? Did he wash my scent off his face or did he walk around all day still smelling like me, like he did the first time he went down on me?

I smile as I remember that day. I let myself remember because I miss him and memories are all I have left now, well, memories and that hoodie which I’ve been sleeping in all week, because it makes the hurt slightly less unbearable.

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Getting there

I am working on part 9 of Selina and Donovan’s story, I promise!

But at the moment life is getting in the way. Next week is the last week of term for me, my wife is in the middle of exam week and it’s rather stressful.

And you know, I’ll sit down to write down drunken sex and the 9yo will sit at the laptop next to mine…

Add to that we need to find another place to live as the people who own our house are putting it on the market. Finding a rental when you have 4 kids and a bunch of pets is mission impossible.

Part 9 is on the way, it’s a flashback to when it all started, then we’re back on track to the big showdown with the stick insect. ^_^

It Starts at Four: On Consent and Rape Culture

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My son was the ringbearer in my brother’s wedding this weekend.  The flower girl was, I think, the daughter of one of the bride’s cousins.  To say they hit it off was probably a bit of an understatement; they were pretty close to inseparable at the bridal shower a few weeks ago and not much changed at the rehearsal or the wedding.  I’d post a picture of the two of them, but I’m not about to post a picture of somebody else’s kid without her permission and plus I plan on using the word rape a lot in this piece and I don’t really feel like having my son’s photo associated with that in Google.

Here’s the thing.  Everybody at the wedding was doing that heteronormative thing that people do when two little kids click and oohing and aahing about oh look at his girlfriend and all that nonsense all…

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