15 rape statistics that will make your blood boil

REBLOGGING because these statistics make me want to scream.

Because blaming the victim of a sexual assault is NEVER ok.

Because shaming a woman for drinking while excusing a man’s behaviour for the same reason is disgusting and, well, rape culture.

It seems like every week, every DAY, there’s a new story about an entitled asshole who decided that an unconscious/drunk/because-she’s-there-woman is fair game.

I just read about this 23yo male who molested the 8yo boy he was looking after, getting away with zero prison sentence because the judge decided jail would be too hard on this boy.

Considering how (most) women who have been the victims of sexual assault and rape and have the courage to report it are treated, is it any wonder those women tend to just keep the horror to themselves?

And yes, I am fully aware of the fact that it doesn’t just happen to women. It happens to men and children which goes to prove once more that it’s not the short skirt or revealing top a woman might be wearing that causes rape.


Those statistics are scary. I am raising 3 daughters and 1 boy and I’m terrified of this world they’re growing in.


In response to Brock Turner’s prison release.

Source: 15 rape statistics that will make your blood boil


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