Donovan gets the last laugh (Selina & Donovan part 16)

There it is, finally, the last chapter of the story of Selina and Donovan. Real life really got in the way for this one, but the important thing is that I managed to get those two to where they needed to be.

It’s the day of the party, friends and family are there to help them celebrate the new house, the new business and, even though most of them don’t know it yet, the new baby.

There may be little extra bits, we’ll see where my muse takes me. But for now this is it.


“Ha!” Donovan throws at me as he enters the kitchen, looking delicious in his white shirt and black cargo shorts. “I told you they’d have a wager on this. You owe me.”

He walks up to me and puts his arms around me, his hands on my belly, his chin hooked over my shoulder. Part of me wishes we were still in bed, exploring each other’s nakedness.

I let out an overly dramatic sigh and say, “Fine! You can put it in my butt later.” I try not to grin, I really do, but the thought of Donovan’s cock inside me anywhere is enough to make me horny all over again.

Chris shakes his head. He’s used to our antics by now and nothing surprises him very much anymore.
“Let me guess,” he says. “The prize is the same no matter who wins the bet?”

Donovan laughs. “Pretty much.”

I shrug. “But with the added bonus of him knowing he lost!”

Lacey snorts. She can’t say anything, BlowJob Queen that she is. I bet the $20 Chris supposedly owe her is a code word for some kind of sex act.

I go over to the boxes Chris set on the bench and open the lid of the first one. The various small cakes, slices, and fruit tarts look delicious and smell just as good. I know the other boxes contain similar scrumptious assortments of goodies, both sweet and savoury.

“Do you even have room in the fridge? The lady at the shop said they needed to stay cool,” Lacey asks as I place the lid back on the box, after one last look at the vanilla custard slice calling my name.

“Yes, the fridge in the studio is empty.”

Donovan and Chris take that as their cue and Lacey and I watch on as our big strong men carry boxes filled of dainty portions of food into my studio across the backyard.

We were so lucky to find a four bedroom house with a semi-detached unit in the backyard for me to use as my sewing room/viewing studio.

I make everyone a hot drink while Lacey grills me about my pregnancy. Turns out she’d had her suspicions for a little while but with the recent lack of face-to-face catching up we’d been having she’d decided to wait for confirmation.

I realise I’m starving and put two cheese and onion bagels in the toaster, one for me and one for Donovan. I’ve been eating so many of those lately Donovan has been joking we should buy shares in the company. I told him that the baby likes bagels and he should just shut up.

I hear cars in the driveway and a look out the window informs me that my parents have arrived, followed by London and, after hugs and another cuppa, we all get to work, setting up for the party.

Crisp white tablecloths on tables.

Strings of paper flowers in the trees.

Fairy lights around the deck railing.

The back garden is looking gorgeous and ready for the family and friends who are starting to arrive. Donovan’s parents refused Donovan’s offer to send one of our friends to get them; they decided to rent a car and make their own way from the airport.

I come back from yet another trip to the toilet to find them chatting with my parents in the kitchen; our mothers setting the finger food on platters while our fathers discuss golf and fishing… They really hit it off from the first time they finally met, after the whole stick insect / baby loss heartache off last year. Amazing to think I’d met Donovan’s parents but my parents hadn’t. Now they go on holidays together.

I hear the doorbell and look over at the clock then at Donovan. He smiles at me and nods.

It’s time.

I head outside to find Lacey and London. I find them in the garden, talking with Jonathan Snell, a photographer friend from the magazine who did a feature on me and my business a few months ago.

“Hi guys. Sorry to interrupt but I need these two,” I say, gesturing to Lacey and London.
“Is everything ok?” London asks, concerned.

“Oh yes, I just need to show you guys something exciting I’ve been working on in the studio, is all,” I explain, looking back towards the house to see Donovan giving me the thumbs up.

“The garden looks beautiful!” Jonathan tells me and I have to agree.

“Thank you. I know it’s a bit early in the day for fairy lights but they just make everything better!”

That makes him laugh and he winks at me. I grin before taking my two best friends’ hands and dragging them away, apologising to Jonathan as I pull them towards my studio.

“What’s the big secret project?” London asks as we approach the door. It opens to reveal my mum.

“There you girls are!” Mum says with a huge smile.

We walk in and as soon as she closes the door behind us I hear the chorus of “Oh my God!” that I had been expecting.

“Is that…?” There’s a catch in Lacey’s voice.

“Oh my god!” London exclaims as she runs to the gowns hanging from hooks on the opposite wall, running her hands over the assortment of shiny and lacy fabrics.

“You sneaky bitch!”

I grin at my best friends who are looking at the gowns then me then the gowns again. Did they really think I wasn’t going to make their bridesmaids dresses myself?

Donovan’s mum, Cathy, walks in from the office part of my studio.

“Ready for your hair and makeup?” she asks and I smile at her. Just my incredible luck that my future mother-in-law owns a beauty salon and is amazing at her job.

“Yes, I’ll be right there, just need to sort the girls out.”

“I’ll do that, honey,” Mum exclaims. “You go get ready.”

“Hang on a minute!” Lacey stops me in my tracks as I’m about to follow Cathy. “This is really happening? Right now?”

“Uh huh.”

“But I look horrible and gross and fat! I’m as big as a house, look at me!” She looks about to cry.

“Aw honey.” I walk up to her and give her a big hug. “You look gorgeous and the dress will fit, I promise. I made it especially for you, in your size.”

“Oh yeah? I didn’t know there was a size “beached whale”! Even my feet are fat!”

“Stop it. I got Chris to take your measurements so I could make sure it would fit right. And it’s all stretchy, like mine, because of those babies in our bellies taking so much room.” I squeeze her hand in mine while London gives her a hug.

“Come on Lace, try on the dress,” London encourages her gently. “It’s so pretty, Chris won’t be able to keep his hands off you.”

I laugh. “A normal day then!”

Lacey laugh too then she nods. “Okay, I’ll try it. But if I look gross you’ll have to find someone else to be your bridesmaid.”

Satisfied with her answer I drop a kiss on her cheek before walking over to my office where Donovan’s mum is waiting to do my hair and makeup.

I sit as still as I can, as requested by my very-soon-to-be mother-in-law and from the squeals of excitement coming through the closed door I know Lacey and London love the dresses I designed for them.

“Sounds like the dress is a perfect fit,” Cathy says with a smile as she pins more of my hair into place. We decided on an updo and I’m starting to wonder how long it will take me to take out all those bobby pins later…

“It’s very stretchy fabric,” I inform her with a grin of my own, glad when she finally stops to admire her work and announces that we’re done. I get off the chair a bit slower than I’d like; this growing bump is starting to get in the way and I am not quite used to it.

“I can’t wait to see your dress!” Cathy says with the biggest smile as we walk back to my studio, her arm around my shoulders. “And we are so happy we could be here today. We’ve been waiting a long time for it!”

“You and me both, Cathy!” my mum exclaims with a knowing glance that makes me roll my eyes.

“Enough, Mother! You can stop flogging that dead horse now.” I make the mistake of glancing at London and Lacey, who are giving me the same look my mother is. I throw my arms in the air. “All your dreams are coming true, yay! You won’t know what to do with yourself now that you can’t plot my life for me!”

They all start laughing and London says, “Maybe next time you’ll listen to us and not waste so much time.”

“Yes, dear,” my mother adds, “if you’d just listened and done as suggested, both of you, you would have saved yourselves a lot of heartache and tears.”

The room goes silent.

I close my eyes as the painful memories wash over me. I feel dizzy and barely hear my mum gasp when she realises what she said.

I lean against the wall and concentrate on my breathing so I don’t cry and ruin my make up. After a couple of minutes I feel in control again and I look up, locking eyes with her.

“Maybe we needed that to realise just how much we mean to each other, Mother.”

“I’m sorry, honey… I didn’t mean…” She looks mortified and I go up to her to give her a hug.

“It’s ok, Mum. I know what you mean. But it still hurts so much, all the time.”

A decided knock on the door stops any further discussion as my father walks in.

“If you ladies are done, there’s a very eager young man out there waiting for you to wow him with that special dress,” Dad says with his usual tact.

“Thanks Dad.” I smile at Dad then let go of Mum before walking to the last gown hanging on the wall. I take it out of the garment bag protecting it, ignoring the oohs and aahs and offers of help from the other people in the room and take it to the fitting room in the corner.

I take off my poppy dress, draping it over the top of the partition wall then I get my ivory stretch lace gown off its hanger and carefully step into it before pulling it up. I designed it so I can wear my pretty yet supportive maternity bra underneath it and it’s got a hidden belly band to support my bump. Lacey’s dress has a similar layer as well, a secret feature I know she will appreciate.

I hear footsteps then my mother’s voice. “You ok, honey?”

“I’m fine, Mum.”

I adjust the lace of the crossover neckline before opening the curtain, revealing my wedding gown to the most important people in my life, bar one. But he’s next.

I can’t wait to see him, I can’t wait to take that step with him in front of our families and friends. I wish my brother could be there but the woman he and his partner are using as a surrogate is due to give birth any day so he had to be there. We have planned to Skype them later.

“Oh honey, you look stunning!” Mum exclaims, tears shining in her eyes.

“You really do,” my dad adds and I can see his eyes are a little shiny as well. “You ready to go?”

I nod and Dad gets his phone out of his pocket. I know he’s ringing Donovan to let him know because that’s what we arranged when we discussed the events of the day. “The girls are coming out,” is all Dad says before hanging up.

Cathy opens the door and walks out, followed by London and Lacey who can’t stop giggling and smiling.

I hear the first notes of Bryan Adams’ (Everything I Do) I Do It For You as I start towards the house, my parents on either side of me and I laugh.

We sang that song one drunken night in a karaoke bar what seems like a million years ago and I bet Donovan he’d never be game enough to use it for his wedding, whenever that would be.

I guess he’s won that bet.



Wanna read the whole story again? Here is part 1!

I know you’ll want to see what Selina’s dress looks like, it’s the Eden Gown from Tiffany Maternity.


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