The volcano in her belly (Blast from the Past part 4)

*waves* Schoolwork got the better of me, this post has been ready to go for over 10 days but I forgot about it (mad rush to clean the house because my mum was arriving shortly…).



She parked in her driveway, killed the engine and leaned her head back on the headrest with a sigh. While the evening had been a success on a professional level, she felt emotionally exhausted.

Seeing him again had been a shock she hadn’t been prepared for and it had taken it out of her. On top of that she’d had to deal with the repeated unwanted advances of Russell, who still refused to understand that she was not interested in him or his over-inflated bank balance. She deeply regretted going on that one date with the creep two months ago. Continue reading


Half truths and half-hearted apologies… (Blast from the Past part 3)

This part 3 of the new unnamed story with unnamed characters. I am not sure how long it will keep going this way, but I’m at the mercy of the characters and they’re tricky creatures!

Make sure you’ve read part 1 and part 2 first!

Disclaimer: I really wanted the girlfriend to be a horrible bitch, but I failed miserably and she turned out a really nice woman. *sigh* I got feels.


When she noticed his attention wasn’t on the conversation happening in their group anymore Eve looked up to see her boyfriend was looking intently in the direction of a giant pot plant on the edge of the room. She saw a flash of black behind the plant and that was all she needed to understand what was going on.

She put her hand on his arm and gripped him tightly before excusing them from the group and half dragging him away to a less crowded area of the room.

“It’s her, isn’t it?” she asked him as soon as they were away from earshot; she could tell by the look on his face that she was right. Continue reading

The other side of the fence… (Blast from the Past part 2)

Ready for part 2 of this new thing I’ve been writing?
They still don’t have names, but we won’t let that stop us from telling their story!


He told himself not to look for her after they made eye contact over the crowd but the pull was too hard to resist. He hasn’t seen her since the day she’d moved out nearly a year ago.

Continue reading