A friend in need (Blast from the Past part 8)

Enter Madison, best friend extraordinaire…

Madison used her key when her best friend didn’t answer the front door. It wasn’t like Emily to miss a coffee date and her car was still in the driveway so Maddie knew something had to have happened. She walked through the empty house and out the open French doors at the back, her heart skipping a beat when she spotted her friend crumpled on the grass with her head resting on the outdoor beanbag. She rushed to her, instantly noticing that Emily has been crying. A lot.
“Oh my god, honey, what’s wrong?” Maddie asked as she pulled her up to a sitting position and wrapped her arms around her. When the tears started again she started to really worry. Things had not been this bad since Emily had showed up on her doorstep with all of her belongings around a year ago. She wondered if the tears had anything to do with the anniversary looming. She reached into her handbag to retrieve some tissues and handed them to Emily, who thanked her with a sniffle.
“Come back inside, honey, I’ll make us a cuppa, yeah?” Maddie said as her friend wiped off her tears.
Maddie stood up, giving Emily a great big hug before they headed into the house. She noticed her friend hugging herself with a sigh when she glanced at the laptop on the coffee table before following Maddie into the kitchen. Maddie busied herself making a cuppa for the both of them, and took them to the table, sensing it would better if she kept Emily away from the couch and the laptop on the coffee table.
“What happened?” Maddie asked softly, wary that it might not take much for her friend to start crying again.
“I opened the emails.” Continue reading


A few home truths (Blast from the Past part 7)

She wiped her tears and took a steadying breath. She could do this. Right? It was just words on a screen.

Words like tiny little daggers through her heart, because she hadn’t had the guts to open up to the man she loved about her past. With a trembling hand Emily clicked on the oldest email. The one Richie had sent a week after she’d moved out. The one she’d wanted to read the longest; so many times she had stopped herself from opening in the first couple of weeks, telling herself that he wouldn’t, couldn’t, possibly understand her fears, her very legitimate reasons to stay as far away of marriage and babies as possible. Marriage and babies changed people, made them bitter and twisted and resentful. Continue reading

It’s just words on a screen… (Blast from the Past part 6)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas (if you celebrate it). We came home today from a week away at Emma’s parents’ house in Christchurch (650kms away, in the South Island, 1h30 on a plane, then 1h drive). We ate too much and laughed a lot. Glad to be home though.

I did get in some writing while we were away, using the bluetooth keyboard and my phone (rather comical, since the keyboard is big and my phone rather small).

Great news! My characters finally have names. Enjoy!!


The cursor hovered over the folder marked “Can’t deal right now” for what felt like the hundredth time that day as Emily waged a war with herself. The number of emails in the folder had gone up by one the day after he had shown up at her house eight days ago and her curiosity was getting the better of her. Today was a year since that horrible screaming match they’d had about marriage and babies that had prompted her to suddenly move out. A day since she had shut him out of her life and tried to forget about the love they had shared. Continue reading

Acting on impulse leads to regrets (Blast from the Past part 5)

In case you were wondering what was going on in his head after the last part

He’d had a whole speech prepared on the drive over. He had been standing across the room after Eve left, debating with himself whether he should go over and talk to her when he’d spotted her sneaking out of the venue. He had been in his car following her home before he’d realised he was even doing it. Continue reading