An unexpected reunion goes an unexpected way… (Blast from the Past part 15)

I’ve been working on the chapter after this one for a while. It proved tricky to finish but I think it’s done.

This one, on the other hand, was rather easy.

In the last chapter, Maddie took Emily to her friend Tamara’s house then left her there. Emily was rather shocked when she realised whose house it actually was, while Maddie ran off, taking TamTam to the zoo.

Best friends… gotta love them!


“You know where I live now so I guess we’re even,” Richie joked because the silence between them was stretching and Emily was staring at him with a look on her face he couldn’t quite decipher. Part terrified, part relieved, part… longing? Surely that was wishful thinking, no matter what Maddie thought she knew.
“I didn’t know Maddie going to do this, I swear,” Emily started in a rush, her handbag slipping out of her hand but she didn’t seem to notice. “She said she was picking me up to go somewhere but refused to say where, then she said she needed to pick something up from her friend Tamara’s house so I guess I should have seen it coming. She spent the week telling me I needed to talk to you and she’s right, really, because I do, I know that. I owe you an explanation but I just didn’t know where to start and–”
“Emily, breathe!” She looked startled when she heard his voice. She was rambling and starting hyperventilating, yet this was the most she’d talked to him since that fateful night so he found hope in that. He took a few steps forward towards her until she was at arm’s length. He slowly reached across so as not to startle her, but also to give her time to move away if she wanted to, and picked her hands up in his. He still couldn’t quite believe she was really here, in his house, talking to him. She looked down at their hands then up at him and he could see her eyes were shiny with tears.
“I am so sorry. I fucked up so bad. I should never have run off like that, or tried to… to erase you from my life. Oh god, I’m such a fucking coward. You have every reason to hate me.”
“I do not hate you.” He felt the need to interrupt to make this important point, but Emily continued as if she hadn’t heard him.
“I should have talked to you about my parents but I could never find the words.” She let out a humourless laugh that made his heart hurt for her. “In four years I never managed to and then I panicked so I ran… I ran like the idiot I am, and I ruined everything. Maddie yelled at me back then, you know, but I refused to listen to her. I was so sure I was doing the right thing.” Emily let out a hollow laugh and Richie pulled her to him to hug her close. She melted against his chest, wrapping her arms around him, her voice slightly muffled against the fabric of his shirt.
“I know now I was so completely wrong and I am sorry your girlfriend broke up with you because of me. You need to ring her, tell her it’s all my fault and that I’ll be out of your life for good now and–”
“No.” There was no way he was doing that, especially now that Emily was finally opening up, albeit in a roundabout way. Emily looked up at him then, her impassioned plea causing her to grab the front of his shirt to get his attention. As if she didn’t have all of it already.
“You must. She’s gorgeous, and normal, and perfect. Everything I’m not. Everything I could never be. I’m too screwed up and you deserve so much better than this mess.”
“I don’t care,” Richie said softly, reaching between them to wipe a tear off her cheek. “I don’t care how screwed up you think you are, I just spent a year without you and it was hell. So I don’t care if we never get married. And I don’t care if we never have kids. Lots of people don’t have them, besides I’m about to be an uncle again. All I care about is you. All I want is you.”
Emily shook her head, her fingers so tight he feared she might rip his shirt. “No, you need to be with Eve, she’s the one for you.”
Richie cupped her face with one hand, the other still around her waist. “How could she be when it’s you that I’m in love with?”
She was shaking in his arms, still gripping his shirt front and going on tiptoes. “You shouldn’t say that,” she whispered, her eyes never leaving his.
“Why not?” he whispered back, his senses on alert, his heart about to burst out of his chest it was beating so fast. He felt like a teenager about to get his first kiss. “It’s the truth,” he added and he saw the hunger in her eyes a second before she closed the distance between them and then all he could feel were her lips pressing against his, her body touching his, shoulders to toes. She was in his house, she was in his arms, she was kissing him. Surely that meant they had been given another chance?
Her arms snaked around his neck and she moaned, her tongue slipping in his mouth, fueling his desire for her. He pulled her closer with a groan, his cock already reacting to her proximity, then walked her backwards to the closest wall. When Emily hooked her leg around his waist Richie put both hands under her butt and pulled her up as she jumped. He pressed her against the wall, groaning when he felt her heat against his hardening cock as her legs wrapped around him, locked at the ankles.
“Oh God, I’ve missed this,” Emily whispered.
Richie moved them to the nearby sideboard and sat her on it, glad his niece had taken everything off it the week before to play shop in the makeshift tent in her room.
“I’ve missed you,” he said with a smile, unable to miss the sad look on her face.
“I’ve missed you too.” Emily put a hand on his chest “I’m so sorry…”
“Shhh… enough of that. You’re here now, that’s all that matters.”
Emily nodded and pulled him closer with her legs, looking into his eyes. “I’m sorry it took me so long.” She moved her hand down to the first button of his shirt. “But I promise you…” She undid that button then the next. “…that I will do all I can…” Her hands moved down to undo another button “…to make it up to you.” She undid the last button and put both hands on his bare chest.
Richie held his breath when he felt her hands on his skin then cupped her face to kiss her again. The kiss quickly got passionate and intense; they were devouring each other, desire increasing exponentially. After a few minutes Emily broke the kiss to take a much-needed breath and pushed his shirt off him, letting it drop to the floor. Richie rested his hands on her thighs while he caught his breath, looking her straight in the eyes.
“Are you absolutely sure you want to do this? Because I don’t think I can deal with you leaving again.”
Emily smiled at him, pulling her top off then undoing her bra but leaving it on for him to take off. It was a thing she used to do when they were together because she knew he loved to uncover that part of her himself and it touched him that she would do that at this time. It told him everything he wanted to know without her actually saying it, though he still needed the words.
“I’m sure. I want this. I want you.”
Having heard what he needed to hear, Richie reached for her mouth again, his hands skimming up her sides to her breasts, pushing her bra upwards and out of the way, his hunger for her spurred on by her moans when his fingers found her nipples. She broke the kiss again, breathing hard, moaning loudly with every swipe of his fingers over her nipples. When she arched back against the wall he removed her bra then leaned forward to suck on her nipple, squeezing the other between his fingers, causing her to cry out in pleasure, her hips moving against him and causing his cock to reach the painfully hard stage. He felt her hands between them a second later, attacking the fastening of his jeans, and his mouth left her nipple, moving up to her neck. She undid the button and carefully slid the zipper down, maintaining the eye contact, then reached under the waistband of his boxers, careful to extract his cock before she pushed down boxers and pants at the same time just enough so they were out of the way. Richie groaned when he felt her hand on his painfully hard cock. He looked down and realised she was wearing a flowing skirt. He counted his blessings before reaching under the soft fabric, hands skimming up her inner thighs. She squeezed his cock when his hands reached the apex of her thighs, making him dig his fingers into her thigh in a reaction he couldn’t control.
She put her other arm around his neck, pulling him close, and whispered in his ear, “Need you inside. Now.”
He moved her underwear to the side and lined up his cock with her hole, her wetness drenching him, heat scorching him.
“I love you,” Emily whispered and Richie lost the last of his restraint and slammed all the way inside her.


Well that was unexpected.


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