Being a responsible adult sucks (Blast from the Past 16)

OMG this took so long!!

Well, not this one, but the one after this one.

The one I needed to have finished before I could post this one.

You finally get to know what happens… after, yanno, Maddie bring Emily to Richie’s house and leaves her there.

In case you needed a refresher, they reconnect in a very intimate way


Emily gasped when Richie slammed inside her. She could hardly believe that it was actually happening. She felt overwhelmed but then he started moving against her, the pressure building up in her clit with every delicious deep thrust. She tightened her legs around him, her arms holding him tightly to her. She became aware of the tears running down of her face but she felt properly alive again for the first time in over a year so she was past caring. He noticed the tears, of course, and stopped moving, his cock staying sheathed all the way inside her.
“Are you OK?” The concern in his voice warmed her mending heart. This man she had hurt do much was worried about her because she was crying. “Do you want me to stop?” her asked her softly and Emily shook her head no, arms and legs making sure he couldn’t move away from her.
“No, they’re happy tears, I promise.” She pulled him close again, her lips finding his, then his tongue was invading her mouth as he resumed thrusting, nice and slow this time, starting a low burn in her belly.
“Oh God!” It felt so good she never wanted it to stop but she wanted more, needed more. She clenched around his cock, making him groan, and her hips bucked against him as he started moving faster in and out of her. Too soon, she felt her orgasm approach, his cock hitting her A spot repeatedly, ensuring it would be a big one, and she could tell by the way he was gasping and grunting that he wouldn’t be far behind her.
She felt his lips close around her left nipple and when he tugged on it with his teeth, it was all over. She exploded around him with a liberating scream that went on and on as he slammed into her a few more times, before he emptied himself deep inside her with a loud groan.
They clung to each other, trying to catch a breath, Emily’s legs dropping to the sides to give him some space. When his cock left her body she felt the loss more acutely than she’d ever had and felt the tears threaten again. But he cupped her face and kissed her gently and the world felt alright again. Richie moved away to straightened his clothes and Emily hopped off the sideboard, amazed it was still standing. She pick up her bra and top and quickly put them back on. When she felt a rush of moisture hit her underwear she froze. They’d just had sex and they hadn’t used any protection. That was bad.
“What’s wrong?” Richie asked immediately as he finished buttoning his shirt.
“We didn’t use a condom. I’m not on the pill. I haven’t… oh God.” The room was closing in on her and she started hyperventilating. She didn’t even notice Richie had rushed to her side until he put his hands on her shoulders, calling her name.
“Emily! Calm down, sweetheart.”
She looked up at him, and tried to concentrate on breathing. She knew she was overreacting, the chances of actually getting pregnant were remote as her period was due in a couple of days but she knew that things like that were never 100% foolproof.





She started feeling calmer, being in his arms again, her face on his chest, sure helped a lot. She was coming to realise that her body had missed him too, not just her heart.
“I’ll take you to a chemist, you can get the morning after pill, then we can talk. Does that sound like a plan?” Richie said, letting go of her but keeping her hand in his.
She nodded. She liked that plan. She was grateful he had a solution that stopped her mind from spinning out of control. The talking part of the plan did not appeal as much, but she knew that she needed to explain to him why she’d run like she had and hoped that he would understand.
“Do you… do you think we could go to my house after instead?” she asked, hoping he’d agree. She needed to be around her things when she told him about her parents, instead stranded at his house without any means of going home if things went wrong.
“Great idea. I would hate for Bec and James to interrupt when they get back. Or Maddie and TamTam.”
“I hadn’t even thought about that.” Emily couldn’t believe she hadn’t even considered the possibility of someone walking in while they were in the middle of having sex. What if Maddie had come back in to get something? Way to traumatise her best friend and an innocent child. The thought of Richie’s sister and her husband coming in just didn’t bear thinking about. Instead she focused on the fact that they were in town. “How long is your sister visiting for?” Emily asked, the whole situation feeling a tad surreal to her. How did she end up having a chat with Richie about his family, after they’d fucked on the sideboard in his foyer?
“They moved back just under a month ago, Bec is pregnant again and she wanted to come home. James landed a job here and they’re staying with me until their house in Melbourne sells so they can buy.”
“Oh, wow. That’s great. I didn’t even recognise Tamara, she’s grown so much since the last time I saw her.”
“Kids are good like that,” Richie said with a smile. “Shall we?”
Emily nodded. She spotted her handbag by the door and picked it up. She didn’t remember putting down but then the whole morning was a daze, some dream she was having, it had to be. And if it was a dream, she didn’t want to wake up.

They got in Richie’s car and he drove them to a pharmacy that was open on Saturday mornings. Emily got flashbacks of that day she had had to get emergency contraception when she was seventeen. Maddie had come with her to the Family Planning Clinic because she was terrified of going alone and her then-boyfriend, Troy, had been too busy cheating on her with anything in a skirt to care. She remembered having to answer intimate questions that had made her feel uncomfortable and she’d been glad that Maddie had been there to hold her hand.
But she was thirty-one now, not seventeen, and the Family Planning Clinic was not open on Saturdays so pharmacy it was. She was not looking forward to the slew of invasive questions nor was she looking forward to the no doubt hefty price tag she’d have to pay.
“It’s going to be ok,” Richie said, breaking the silence in the car. Emily looked at him with a smile and reached across to put her hand on his thigh. He put his hand on top of hers and she found that touch was all she needed to calmed her mind down.
Once they got to the pharmacy Richie didn’t let go of her hand. She’d expected him to want to wait in the shop while she followed the pharmacist into the little room at the back but he made it clear that he would not leave her side. It gave her hope and after the week she’d had, she was clinging to every shred of it.




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