Two lines can change a lot of lives (Part 4)

I like to have a fully written chapter as buffer before I share one with you guys, but the last one was so emotionally charged (I heard it made some people cry…) that I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging for too long.

Just so you know, Wade is not in fact blind drunk in the backyard… Nor is he a violent drunk.

He’s feeling very lost at the moment, poor man, and he was too lost in thought to remember about that bottle he brought out from the kitchen. 

It’s been a long and emotional day for all of them. 


*** WARNING ***

this is a very smutty chapter.


“I’m gonna go to bed, Mum,” Abi said as they walked in the house after dropping Nico home. She looked very jumpy and kept sneaking glances towards the kitchen.

“Okay, honey.” Celia could understand Abi’s reluctance to see her dad after he’d ripped into her earlier. She wrapped her arms around the teenager. “I love you. And your dad does too. He’ll come around, he just needs some time to get used to the idea that his baby girl is no longer a little girl.”

“I know, it’s just…” Abi sighed. “I love you, Mum. Please tell Dad I love him and that I’m sorry I disappointed him. Good night.”

“Good night, honey.” Celia let go of her daughter and watched her make her way down the hallway to her bedroom before she went looking for her husband.

She found him where she knew she would, sitting on the grass, leaning against the big oak tree in the back garden. The bottle of Johnny Walker beside him looked quite full still, which was a relief to her. She sat next to him and rested her head on his shoulder, her hand settling on his thigh.

“She hates me, doesn’t she?” Wade said, his voice sounding hollow and tired as he put his arm around her shoulders.

“No, my love, she doesn’t. She asked me to tell you that she loves you and she’s sorry she disappointed you.”

Wade let out a big sigh and Celia felt her heart break a little. Her big strong man sounded so defeated.

“I’m sorry I lost it like that. I know I overreacted. I just… I knew something was going on but I didn’t expect…”

Celia knew how he felt even though she’d had an extra twenty-four hours to get used to the news. “I have something that might cheer you up a bit. Come up to bed?” she asked and she was relieved when Wade nodded.

He stood up and she let him help her up afterwards because she was feeling exhausted. She recognised the fatigue was baby related as well as emotional after the eventful dinner they’d had. They walked into the house hand in hand and Celia waited while Wade locked the back door before she lead the way up the stairs to their bedroom.

Once the door was closed, Celia turned around to face Wade, suddenly finding it difficult to hold back her tears. She’d put on a brave front for Abi and Nico, because she knew they needed the reassurance and support but now that she was with Wade in the privacy of their room, she could stop pretending.

She wrapped her arms around his middle, face pressed against the solid wall of his chest and when she felt his arms closing around her the emotions she’s suppressed all day caught up with her. He held her tighter as she sobbed, his shirt getting wetter by the minute. She felt selfish for focusing on herself when he’s had quite the shock himself and that thought seemed to stem the flow of her tears. She looked up at him, letting go of his body to wipe the last tears from her cheeks.

“I made your shirt all wet,” she mumbled apologetically.

“If that was your attempt at cheering me up, it’s not exactly successful,” Wade said with a small smile and Celia shook her head.

“I’m sorry. I’ve had to be strong all day for those kids when actually I’m terrified and—”

“Thank God. I thought I was the only one freaking out about this!” Wade exclaimed with relief, before pulling her close, cupping her face with both hands.

Celia sighed. “You’re really not.” She could feel his hot breath in her lips and she couldn’t resist tasting him. She moaned against his mouth then his tongue was in her mouth, tangling with hers, his hands holding her where she was. He tasted like Scotch and she couldn’t get enough of him. The heady taste caused her to think about the last time she’d tasted it on his lips which brought a terrifying realisation. She pulled away and walked over to the bed where she sat, looking back in shock at Wade who was approaching her slowly.

“Oh my God. All those times I’ve been drinking in the past five months… What if there’s something wrong with the baby? It will be all my fault!” Her voice went up as she felt the familiar claws of grief getting purchase and she started hyperventilating.

Wade knelt in front of her and took her hands in his. “Bub. Calm down. I’m sure that Rosie would have told you if something was wrong with the baby when you had that scan yesterday.” His soothing tone helped her focus, so did his gentle stroking of the back of her hands and she felt her breathing get back to normal.

He was right, of course. Rosie would not have hidden anything about the baby’s health from her, even if it was bad news. Wade mentioning the scan reminded Celia of the reason she’d led Wade upstairs. “I had another scan today,” she told Wade who couldn’t hide his surprise.


“I didn’t mean to. I had planned to take you with me sometime this week so you can see our little girl, but Rosie offered to take a photo to show you after Abi had hers and I couldn’t resist. I’m sorry, honey.”

She got off the bed before he could react and walked to her chest of drawers, opening the top one and getting the photo out. She walked back to the bed where Wade was now sitting expectantly and sat down next to him. She handed him the photo and looked at the expressions on his face as he perused the grainy black and white picture. She watched him trace parts of it with his finger and smiled when he looked at her with wonder in his eyes.

“She’s so big already,” he said and she nodded. “I know you’re finding it hard to adjust and it is a lot to take in, especially with the… most recent information… but I’m feeling more than a little bit excited about that baby in your belly.”

Celia felt the tears start again, happy ones this time, and Wade wrapped her in his arms in a tight embrace. The hug ended abruptly when she pushed away from Wade and ran to the bathroom. “Sorry!! She is kicking my bladder and I can’t hold it!” she called out from the bathroom and she heard Wade laugh.

She looked up from washing her hands after using the toilet to see him in the doorway in just his underwear; his t-shirt and jeans had magically vanished. She liked the sight and didn’t hide her delight when he walked into the room, coming to a stand at the vanity next to her. She turned to face him, his hands finding her waist as he dipped his head to kiss her. She leaned into him, her arms snaking around his neck, and went up on tiptoes, opening her mouth to his and moaning softly when his tongue swiped hers.

She pressed her still-clothed body to his nearly naked one and mentally chastised herself for choosing to wear jeans that morning. Her body was reacting to his proximity in the usual delicious way and she wanted to jump up and wrap her legs around him, but in those pants it was unlikely to happen. She dug her nails into the back of his neck and pulled him closer as she deepened the kiss.

She moaned loudly when she felt his hands move from her waist to round the curve of her butt, his fingers gripping the fleshy part tightly through her jeans. She pressed him against the vanity and he groaned when she moved her hips side to side, grinding against his growing erection.

She always felt like a horny seventeen year old when his muscular body was pressed against hers and this time was no different. She let go of his neck, ending the kiss as she took a step back, glad to see the same urgency in his eyes that she was feeling.

He wasted no time lifting up her top, taking it off her. They worked together to get her out of her jeans, her panties coming down at the same time. She looked down at the bulge straining his boxers and felt a clench deep inside her pussy. She couldn’t wait to feel his thick cock deep inside her cunt. She realised her clit was throbbing and looked up to find Wade’s eyes fixated on her breasts.

“This is new,” he said, his fingers tracing the lace edge of her black bra, his touch burning the sensitive skin.

“Happy half wedding anniversary,” she said breathlessly a second before his thumbs found her nipples. “Oh God…”

He gave her that smirk that made her knees weak then swiped her nipples again. They felt more sensitive than usual and she knew it was a side-effect of the pregnancy. She was moaning and crying out every time he rubbed and squeezed the nubs of flesh through the fabric of her bra; she was ever so glad they’d bought a house with the master bedroom on the upper floor, far away from kids’ bedrooms. She hated being quiet during sex.
Wade pushed one of the cups of her bra down and when his lips closed around her nipple and she felt his tongue run over it, Celia whimpered, fisting his hair with one hand to keep him where he was. He had other plans it seemed because after gently tugging in her nipple with his teeth, he let go and straightened up. He brought his mouth to hers again but stopped just short of touching her lips.

Instead he whispered, “Turn around.”

Celia felt a shiver of anticipation rush through her body and did as he asked. They locked eyes in the mirror and when he pressed his body to hers she realised he’d gotten rid of his boxers. She could feel his cock, hard, warm, and pulsating against her butt and she couldn’t help pushing back to feel him closer.

He groaned, closing his eyes as his fingers dug into her hips a little. He found her eyes again in the mirror and she held her breath as one of his hands travelled south to tangle with the short curls at the apex of her thighs.

She forced herself to keep the eye contact as his long fingers slid over her slit, a jolt of pleasure to her clit causing her to gasp. It always made the feelings more intense when she didn’t look at what he was doing but looked at him instead. She felt his hand move lower and gasped when she felt the tips of his fingers at her hole.

“Oh God, you’re so wet,” he groaned in her ear and she felt his cock pulse against her ass. She moaned and held on tighter to the vanity. He started running two fingers up and down her slit, spreading the wetness gathering between her legs. The more he moved his fingers, the wetter she got, her hips moving back and forth in time with his hand, his cock firmly wedged against her crack, getting her hornier by the second.

She leaned forward, bracing herself against the vanity with both hands and pushing back against him. He groaned loudly and his hand left her pussy to settle at her hip briefly, before rounding the curve of her ass and travelling down her crack.

He dipped two fingers inside her from behind, the wetness of her juices coating them past the second knuckle and he thrust slowly a few times before trailing back up her crack. She felt his finger run past her asshole and she pushed back against his hand with a loud moan. It had been a while since they’d indulged in anal play and suddenly she was craving that contact.

His hand was back between her legs, her hips moving of their own accord as Wade spread her labia and dipped his fingers inside her vagina again. He’d put a third finger in, she could tell from the fullness she was feeling as he fucked her, taking his time and driving her higher with every stroke.

She was bent over the vanity, hips rotating, legs spread. She pushed back again, wanting him deeper, wanting more. His hand trailed upwards spread wide; she knew he was loving the wet noises every time his hand moved in and out of her pussy. His wet fingers lingered over the puckered hole between her ass cheeks, rubbing back and forth then the tip of his finger pressed harder and the first knuckle made it past the tight ring of muscles.

She gripped the countertop tightly, her loud moan matching his groan as he moved his finger slowly out again then in a little more. Pleasure was spreading wildfire through her veins and she looked up at him in the mirror.


He nodded and reached for the top drawer of the vanity with his free hand. She watched him open the tube and squirt a generous dollop onto the hand she couldn’t see. She gasped at the coldness of the liquid then let out a long moan when his finger entered her again, the feeling familiar but strange at the same time. It felt so good she couldn’t stop moving her hips as he took his time, slowly moving his finger deeper with every stroke until it was all the way inside her, the other two fingers finding their way into her pussy.

He started moving his hand in and out very slowly, and Celia felt like fireworks were going off in her head. She felt filled in the most delicious way and she couldn’t wait for him to replace his finger with his cock.

Soon he added more lube before pushing a second finger in her ass, stretching her. She was panting and moving back against him, butt in the air, trying to convey what she wanted without the words her pleasure-addled brain couldn’t form. She was getting close to coming, and she wanted his cock deep inside her when that happened.

“Please… I need…” Their eyes met in the mirror and he nodded, the smirk on his face causing her pussy to clench.

He slowly removed his fingers from her body before pouring a generous amount of lube on his cock. He rubbed the head of his cock along her slit a few times, making her flinch with delight when he bumped her engorged clit, then brought his cock to her asshole, adding some lube and holding her gaze.

She spread her legs a bit more and groaned when he started entering her, inching inside her, stretching her with his glorious cock, the slow back and forth motion almost more than she could bear. She moved one of her hands to her clit, rubbing it in loose circles as Wade started gently thrusting inside her. The pleasure was indescribable and Celia wanted the sensations coursing through her body to last forever.

“Won’t last,” Wade warned and she started rubbing her clit faster as he increased his pace a little.

The feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her ass was different from the one she got when he was in her pussy but just as pleasurable, and it had been from the first time they’d done it, in their one-bedroom rental, years ago. Every time she read an article or a post on social media about anal sex being all kinds of painful she wanted to yell at them to slow down and use more lube.

But right now, she nodded at Wade in the mirror, their signal for him that he could go faster. He increased his pace, their moans of pleasure and the slaps of flesh against flesh filling the bathroom.

She was rubbing her clit faster, fingers dipping inside her cunt, moaning when she felt his cock through the thin membrane. His groans got louder and his fingers dug into her hips as he approached his climax.

He let out a loud grunt as he came, emptying himself deep inside her ass, thrusting until she followed him over with a scream.

He collapsed against her back, breathing hard, his cock slipping out and nestling itself in her crack.

“I love you,” he said to her, dropping a kiss on the tip of her shoulder.

“I love you,” she replied with a smile.

She felt exhausted but found the energy to follow him into the shower.


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