Valentine’s Day Reunion part 5

I hung on to this part for while but then I realised this story wasn’t advancing because it was finished. As it was. All 5581 words of it.

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Sienna felt like her day had taken on a surreal turn. She was sitting on her couch with a man she’d had a crush on for near on ten years, a man she’d dreamed about countless times, a man she hadn’t seen in five years because he had moved away with his girlfriend-now-fiancée the day after giving her the best kiss of her life.

Suddenly his fingers on her neck were burning her skin and not in a sexy way. She moved so she could face him, and his hand dropped onto the back of the couch. He looked as nervous as she was.

“Won’t your fiancée mind you being all alone with me on Valentine’s Day?” she said, feeling stupid for asking, because of course she’d mind, it was Valentine’s Day, what was he doing here and not with her anyway? What if they were married now? No, surely Tim would have mentioned that, because he’d have gone to the wedding.

Mike looked confused for a second then he sighed. “I thought your brother would have told you. Me and Jen broke up about 6 months ago. She actually got married today, to a guy she’s been seeing for over a year now.”

“Oh.” Sienna felt even more stupid now. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“Why would you? You made it very clear you wanted nothing to do with me when you unfriended me on Facebook four years ago,” Mike said, sitting up.

The bitterness in his tone took Sienna by surprise. She didn’t think he’d notice that she’d unfriended him after he’d announced his engagement to Jen. After all she wasn’t exactly an important person in his life, especially since he’d moved away; she was just his best friend’s little sister. But his tone, the look on his face, and the way he’d moved his arm away, made it very clear that he had noticed and her actions had hurt his feelings. However, he was still sitting on the couch next to her instead of being on his way out the door, so her hope resurfaced.

Stupid thing, hope, feeding on thoughts like ‘he’s single now!’ and ‘we totes had a moment earlier’ and ‘what does it mean?’

“I’m sorry,” she said, meaning it. “I didn’t do it because I didn’t care.” She couldn’t look at him anymore and her eyes dropped to her hands on her lap.

Here goes nothing…

“I did it because I cared too much,” she said softly. “It hurt to see you with her, but I was used to that, then you two got engaged… That’s when I knew it was time. I had to let go. I had to stop hanging on to the silly fantasy I had that one day you might realise you wanted me and not Jen, or any of those other girls you dated.”

Mike said nothing and Sienna sighed. Couldn’t blame him, really, this was a lot to take it and he probably felt it was coming out of nowhere. “I unfriended you on that stupid site because I needed to distance myself and it worked. Mostly.” When she heard him move she closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to watch him walk out of the room and her life.

She felt his body heat when he sat right next to her then his finger lifted her chin and she opened her eyes again. He was so close she could smell him and it made her heart flutter. His hand cupped her face and she half-wanted to close her eyes again just so she could concentrate on the feel of his skin against hers.

“Now you know,” she said, smiling at him because he was smiling at her.

“Your fantasy is not silly,” he said, leaning in close and Sienna forgot to breathe when she felt his breath on her lips. “I moved back here because I was wondering if we could maybe make it not a fantasy.”

When he said that Sienna found she couldn’t wait anymore and she bridged the inch still separating them, pressing her lips against his. His hand moved to the back of her neck, tangling in her hair as hers snaked around his neck, pulling him as close as she could.

She opened her mouth when she felt the tip of his tongue run along her bottom lip and moaned at the welcome invasion, her tongue tangling with his. The kiss felt as good as she remembered, better even, since this time she wasn’t drunk and he wasn’t kissing her to warn off the unwelcome advances of some guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

This time they were kissing because they both wanted to and Sienna couldn’t think, beyond ‘Ohmygodthisisreallyhappening!’

She’d been dreaming about Mike for months, well, years, really, and she wanted more. She needed more. She broke the kiss and pulled away because she needed to breathe, and rested her hands on Mike’s chest. He was panting just as much as she was and she could feel the rapid beat of his heart under her fingertips.

She became aware that his eyes were fixated on her chest, making her all too aware of the fact that she was only wearing a thin pyjama top and no bra. He must have noticed he’d been caught because he looked up at her with a sheepish look.

“I’m sorry… didn’t mean to stare,” he said and Sienna grinned at him, because he looked just like a little boy who’d been caught doing something he knew he wasn’t supposed to do.

“It’s okay,” she assured him, pushing him back against the couch and throwing a leg over his so she could straddle him. He suddenly looked less embarrassed and more interested to see where this was going. She sat on his thighs, her hands playing with the hem of his shirt as an idea took shape in her head. She leaned close to his ear, shuddering when his fingers touched the skin of her sides under her shirt.

“I’ll take mine off if you take yours off,” she whispered against his ear, smiling when she heard him gasp.

“Are you sure?” Mike asked and Sienna nodded, her face against his neck, letting out a soft moan when Mike’s hands started roaming her lower back. “Maybe I could help you out of yours,” he said, slowly lifting her top to give her a chance to back out.

She kissed the side of his neck before sitting up and lifting her arms so he could pull her top the rest of the way off her body. Then it was her turn to help him out of his shirt and once it was off she couldn’t help but stare. She’d noticed the full sleeve on his arm earlier but now she could see it covered half his chest and went down part of his back as well.

“Wow…” she whispered, her fingers tracing the intricate designs on Mike’s chest. The tip of her finger ghosted over his flat nipple and she felt his fingers dig into her hips.

She looked up at him, biting her lip when she felt his hands inch their way up her sides. She was finding it hard to breathe; it still half felt like a dream until she felt his thumbs brush the undersides of her breasts.

Then she knew it was real.


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