Welcome home (Blast from the past part 18)


I’ve been sitting on this for a few months. I wasn’t sure how it should go.

Where it should go.

How it should end.

Then I read it again this morning and well, it’s finished, isn’t it?

I had plotted different things for Emily but then I realised it just wouldn’t be fair to who she is. So here we are, a bit of Maddie, a bit of Emily and that’s all she wrote.

If you need a refresher, part 17 is here and if you want a re-read, part 1 can be found here.

“Hi, it’s me. Again.” Maddie sighed. After ringing Richie three different times in the past hour and texting a few times too for good measure, she’d decided to stop waiting for him to ring back and just leave a voice mail.
“I’m happy the two of you have made up but something came up and I really need your sister’s number, dude. So if you could tear yourself away from my best friend for five minutes and text me, that’d be grand. Ta.” Continue reading