About Me…

I live in New Zealand with my wife and our 4 kids (and an axolotl).

I write stories because I need them to get out of my head, so I usually make sure I have a notebook and a pen on hand, in case I get the urge to write (or draw people having sex – see recent post about my dirty mind & Sexy Sunday Scribbles). Yes, that means I have a small notebook in my handbag (and half a dozen pens).

Also I love to watch rugby with my wife (who, incidentally writes the awesomest smut under a pen name) and perving on hot rugby players. It’s our favourite past time…

Recently I learned how to crochet & now I can’t stop!

Finally, I suck at those ‘About Me’ things so that’ll do for now!


5 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Arrr! Several things.

    I am so happy to leave the first comment here.

    I write things down to get them out of my head all the time.

    Would love to be able to write smut under a pen name or have that be my spouse’s profession (no luck there, we both have different professions.

    Thanks for the awesome twitter conversation!


      • Well, as long as you are still a real person who does rea person things, regardless of that pen name, it’s all good, is what I would say.

        I tried pseudonyms and they just do not work for the game I am playing. I can put on the Sourcerer mask for laughs and stuff. Can’t really do what I am doing without that @justgeneo and the human face.

        I admire people who can go pseudynonymous in their writing, but I hae never mastered it.


      • Oh yes, very much a real person still. 😉 Writing smut in burts of inspiration, crocheting eyeballs and quoting movies my wife has never seen, earning me a “What are you on?” look.

        I think my wife got a pen name because she is writing about rugby under her real name and wanted to create a partition between the rugby writing (official and serious) and the smut writing.

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