That talking thing… (Blast from the past 17)

So… They did the sex. 

Now they need to do the talking.

Emily is not a fan of the talking.

Alas, it needs to be done. 

Before more sexy times…


Richie heard the message tone and when he checked his phone he found that Maddie had sent him a funny photo of her and Tamara at the big corrugated iron elephant at the zoo. It made him smile and he showed Emily who was sitting next to him on the couch, eating her Teriyaki chicken on rice.

After the pharmacy they’d decided to get some sushi on the way to her house so they didn’t have to go out again. They’d also stopped at the supermarket to get condoms, following a brief, not-as-awkward-as-he-had-imagined chat. They were on the verge of fixing things between them, it seemed counterproductive to tempt fate for a second (or third) time.

Emily had taken the first of the two emergency contraceptive pill and set up her alarm for 11.30pm that night to take the second one as it needed to be taken twelve hours later.
They were sitting on her couch eating their lunch and as much as he wanted to reach over, pull her against him and forget about the rest of the world, he knew that some serious talking needed to be had.

Another message arrived from Maddie.
“Having hot chips by the playground. TamTam keeps asking if Emily has said sorry yet.”

“Minimal talking so far but we’re good. At Em’s house now. Bec should be home around 4pm. Zoo looks fun x”

He put his phone down on the coffee table and glanced up to find Emily looking at him.
“That was Maddie. She’s having a lot of fun at the zoo with Tamara.”
Emily looked away. “Tamara hates me, doesn’t she?”
“Why would you say that? She doesn’t even know you. Last time she saw you she was two.”
“Maddie told her I’d come to say sorry, clearly she’s been told something.”
Richie put his arm around her shoulder and smiled when she leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder. “Tamtam asked Maddie last week how we knew each other. Maddie explained our… situation in simple terms a four-year old would understand.”
“In other words she knows I’m a horrible bitch who broke your heart.”
“I am a horrible bitch and I did break your heart. I know it. You know it. I read your emails, you know, you can’t pretend I didn’t do what I did or that I didn’t hurt you. It’s been making me miserable and I know that saying ‘oh I’m so sorry’ is never going to be enough and I bet your whole family hates me too after what I did to you.”

Before Richie had a chance to react Emily had got off the couch and was pacing back and forth in front of the coffee table. “This was a bad idea,” Emily said as she stopped pacing to look at him, anguish all over her beautiful face, which made his heart hurt. “You should go. This is never going to work. I know I said I love you before, when we…”

She made a hand gesture and he had to stop his mind wandering back to that recent memory because he needed to pay attention to what she was saying. “I meant it, with all my heart, but what if it’s not enough? What if I am not enough?”

She started pacing again. “You deserve someone who can give you what you want, marriage, and babies. All I have is work. Maddie said I need to tell you about my parents, that it will explain everything. I know she is usually right and I know I can’t blame them for all the bad stuff that happened in my life, but fuck! They are horrible selfish people, and I’m pretty sure they hate each other. They should have divorced years ago but no, instead they had me and they used me in their little power games, trying to constantly beat the other one at being the best parent, the best provider, the best whatever. I had nanny after nanny, au pair after au pair because as soon as I got attached, one of my parents would fire them and get another one. When I was a teenager I did some shit I’m not proud off, hung out with people I shouldn’t have and when I was eighteen I left and never looked back.”

Richie was trying to absorb the flow of new information and, feeling that she needed to get it all out, he kept his mouth shut until she was done.

“I worked really hard and started my own business and it’s doing really well and I don’t want to stop. I love what I do and that’s why I freaked out when I felt you were about to propose. I saw what marriage did to my parents and I was scared to death it would happen to us. Marriage changes people. Kids… well that just makes things a billion times worse. If we have a baby and I go back to work, because I love my career, I’m a horrible mother, but if I decide to stay home instead and sell the business I’ve worked so hard to create, I might end up feeling dead inside and resenting you and I can’t… I just… I can’t do it. Not to me. Not to you. I just…”

Richie decided she’d done enough rambling so he stood up and stopped her in her tracks by wrapping her in his arms. She put her arms around his middle and looked up at him. He could see more unshed tears making her eyes shiny.

“I love you.” As he said the words, he realised he hadn’t said them to her yet that day. He’d told her he was in love with her, earlier, before the sex had happened, but he hadn’t said those three words.
She gave him a watery smile. “I love you too.”
“Right then, what do you say we finish our lunch then go lie down on your bed. It will be more comfortable than the couch and to be completely honest I’d quite like to get naked with you.”

Emily went on tip toes so she was more or less eye level with him. “Why wait?” Her voice was low and raspy in the silence of the house and she breached the gap between them, wasting no time sliding her tongue in his mouth. The taste of her flicked some switch inside him and he found that he couldn’t get enough of her. He pulled her closer, deepening the kiss, loving the way she was pressing her whole body to his, moaning in approval when she moved her hips side to side against his groin.

He stopped kissing her only long enough to ask which was the way to her bedroom and, after a short detour by the dining table to get the box of condoms from her handbag, he followed her down the hallway to her room. Richie barely had time to take in the decor before Emily was pressing him against the wall by the door and kissing him with renewed fervor. After a few minutes the kiss ended. Emily moved away a little and started taking off her clothes, her eyes never leaving his.


Two lines can change a lot of lives (Part 4)

I like to have a fully written chapter as buffer before I share one with you guys, but the last one was so emotionally charged (I heard it made some people cry…) that I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging for too long.

Just so you know, Wade is not in fact blind drunk in the backyard… Nor is he a violent drunk.

He’s feeling very lost at the moment, poor man, and he was too lost in thought to remember about that bottle he brought out from the kitchen. 

It’s been a long and emotional day for all of them. 


*** WARNING ***

this is a very smutty chapter.


“I’m gonna go to bed, Mum,” Abi said as they walked in the house after dropping Nico home. She looked very jumpy and kept sneaking glances towards the kitchen.

“Okay, honey.” Celia could understand Abi’s reluctance to see her dad after he’d ripped into her earlier. She wrapped her arms around the teenager. “I love you. And your dad does too. He’ll come around, he just needs some time to get used to the idea that his baby girl is no longer a little girl.”

“I know, it’s just…” Abi sighed. “I love you, Mum. Please tell Dad I love him and that I’m sorry I disappointed him. Good night.”

“Good night, honey.” Celia let go of her daughter and watched her make her way down the hallway to her bedroom before she went looking for her husband. Continue reading

Two lines can change a lot of lives (Part 3)

There it is.

The chapter I lost and had to write again from near scratch (I’d texted bits of dialogue to my wife so I was able to recover that).

Wade can feel there is something his wife and teenage daughter are hiding from him, but he didn’t expect exactly how his world is about to be flipped upside down.

It got darker than I had anticipated.

Part 1

Part 2


Something was going on.

Wade wasn’t quite sure what yet, but he was good at reading body language—a skill that came in handy in his line of work as a lawyer—and the way his wife and their teenage daughter were exchanging glances and clearly having one of their silent conversations when they thought he wasn’t looking left him in no doubt that they were hiding something.

He’d had a great afternoon with the boys at the water park, for their weekly dose of ‘man time’ as they referred to it, then he’d taken them for ice cream. Celia had got home not long after them, without Abi who, he was told, was spending time with her boyfriend, Nico. Wade had gone for a run and, as he was turning onto their street on his way back, he had been surprised to see his sons wave at him from his mother-in-law’s car as they drove past. When he’d walked into the house Celia had told him Nico would be joining them for dinner and sent him off to have a shower after a kiss that caused Abi to fake dry-retching noises.

He’d come back downstairs to find Celia cooking her famous BBQ ribs and special slaw while Abi was getting started on caramel dumplings for pudding. While it wasn’t unusual for their sixteen-year-old daughter’s boyfriend to join them for dinner, the menu struck Wade as a bit out of the ordinary. Added to that the fact that Celia had sent the boys to spend the night at her parents’, something was definitely going on. What, he wasn’t quite sure yet. He knew they would tell him when they were ready; past experiences had taught him that pressing for an answer nearly always ended up in a lot of yelling, tears (theirs) and frustration (his).

So he got himself a beer and chatted with Nico after Celia shooed them out of the kitchen. The boy had a good head on his shoulders, all thanks to his mother and his stepfather, and he had a lot of plans for the future. He was also very respectful of Abi’s wishes and that helped Wade forget the two sixteen-year-olds were sexually active.

Ah yes, that had been a fun conversation… Continue reading



I finally finished re-writing chapter 3 of that story with all the babies, that my computer ate over 18 months ago…

I’m also on mid-semester break which means reading and knitting. Now if my elbow could stop hurting, that’s be great.

Here we go again…

Emma is writing a new story. One that I gave her the bare bones of an idea for, seeing as I’m the ideas lady.

But this morning when I woke up I had words in my head. Words for her second chapter…

So here you go…


Who was this woman?

When he’d propositioned her in the kitchen Jack had half expected her to slap him in the face and storm off, calling him a pig. Instead she’d made propositions of her own that made his blood hot and his dick hard.

He looked around his bedroom, trying to see it in her eyes as she walked slowly along one of the walls, taking it all in. For the first time he felt shame. This woman, Ivy, deserved better than rumpled month-old sheets and naked girls posters. He could feel it in his gut.

“I’m sorry.”
She turned when she heard his muttered apology and smiled at him, shaking her head. Her smile went straight to his dick; if they didn’t get down and dirty soon he feared he wouldn’t be able to physically get out of his jeans, the steel rod between his legs impeding the undressing.

“Don’t be,” Ivy said and her smile got bigger. “It’s perfect.”

Jack stalked to where she was standing by the small window and grabbed her roughly by the hips, pressing his hard cock against her belly. He ate up her moan with his mouth as he plunged his tongue between her lips. Her fire burned him and he couldn’t get enough.

Being a responsible adult sucks (Blast from the Past 16)

OMG this took so long!!

Well, not this one, but the one after this one.

The one I needed to have finished before I could post this one.

You finally get to know what happens… after, yanno, Maddie bring Emily to Richie’s house and leaves her there.

In case you needed a refresher, they reconnect in a very intimate way


Emily gasped when Richie slammed inside her. She could hardly believe that it was actually happening. She felt overwhelmed but then he started moving against her, the pressure building up in her clit with every delicious deep thrust. She tightened her legs around him, her arms holding him tightly to her. She became aware of the tears running down of her face but she felt properly alive again for the first time in over a year so she was past caring. He noticed the tears, of course, and stopped moving, his cock staying sheathed all the way inside her.
“Are you OK?” The concern in his voice warmed her mending heart. This man she had hurt do much was worried about her because she was crying. “Do you want me to stop?” her asked her softly and Emily shook her head no, arms and legs making sure he couldn’t move away from her. Continue reading

An unexpected reunion goes an unexpected way… (Blast from the Past part 15)

I’ve been working on the chapter after this one for a while. It proved tricky to finish but I think it’s done.

This one, on the other hand, was rather easy.

In the last chapter, Maddie took Emily to her friend Tamara’s house then left her there. Emily was rather shocked when she realised whose house it actually was, while Maddie ran off, taking TamTam to the zoo.

Best friends… gotta love them!


“You know where I live now so I guess we’re even,” Richie joked because the silence between them was stretching and Emily was staring at him with a look on her face he couldn’t quite decipher. Part terrified, part relieved, part… longing? Surely that was wishful thinking, no matter what Maddie thought she knew. Continue reading