Crochet update! Been busy…

I was playing around with white wool one evening and ended up with a sphere and thought, hey, I know what to make of this… That’s how Iris came to. The name was given to her by Miss10 the next day at school when I showed her.


This is Iris.


Iris keeping an eye on me at the library while my wife was at an appointment

I made another landscape beanie for a friend and she mentioned sunflowers were her favourite flower so I set to find a pattern for one. I did but it went very tricky when I got to the petals and I decided to freestyle instead. Alas, I ended up with this decidedly non-sunflower looking thing, that I later recycled into an octopus.


One failed sunflower…


… became Tim the octopus with 13 tentacles! (and a bow tie)

Attempt No2 at a sunflower was a lot more successful! It is now on the beanie, soon to be sent to my friend.


Sunflower mark 2 was much better…

I decided to finally do something with this very soft very chunky wool I bought with my Christmas money from my stepmum. I did chained 30 then did rows of double crochet. When I ran out of wool, my wife suggested I use the other ball I had, so I did just that. Ended up buying another 2 balls after that, and now it’s finished. I don’t have a photo of the finished product yet, (a shawl, for my wife) because I need to sew the bits for the collar but I love it.


Really soft, really chunky wool and size 10 hook…


Four (completely different from each other) balls of yarn later, I have made a shawl for my wife!

My wife made a bunny and I had to try and make one too. The pattern was easy to follow (link at the end of the post) and I love the result. The ears ended up two different sizes because I used a different yarn.


The rest of Flopsy



Easy Crochet Bunny Pattern from The Green Dragonfly


Not feeling it

I started this blog because my wife pushed me to, with the argument that the world needed to read my smut.

I thought, ok, I can do that. So I posted bits and pieces of things I had written.

Then she showed me crochet and I got obsessed with that.

My post about the things I’ve crocheted have had WAY more views that any of my smut. I know I’m not blogging to get views, but still it’s nice to see that the stuff you post is getting seen.

The disparity in views re my posts makes me all doubty about my writing and rather discouraged, to be honest.

Or maybe I’m just having a blah day/week/month.


Just ignore me, I’ll be ok.

All I want for Christmas is more wool!

I was trying to make an appliqué bat for Mr7 who looooooooooves purple but it went a different way and ended up cat-shaped so I gave it a tail and called it a cat.10838724_1525083224406906_650028298_nI taught Miss10 how to make the easy 5 petal flower, she did make most of this one, I made the stem/leaf for her. She took it to school yesterday and gave it to her boyfriend. [insert mum eyeroll] When I saw her at school this morning she mentioned that 7 kids in her class had asked her to make them flowers. She even had a list with names and colour specs!


My stepmum sent us money yesterday (all my family lives in France) for Christmas and the birthdays of 2015 for the 6 of us so after lunch my wife and I went to the wool shop and well, came home with those (and a size 10 hook). I have NO idea at this point what I’m going to do with that wool but I just HAD to take it home, especially that top one in the photo below, as it was the last one in the shop. I had to rescue it. 10821835_317241338477457_729385255_oThis one I’d been eyeing for a while, since I bought the other one from the same brand, the one I used to make that hat I’m not quite happy with…10819700_317241425144115_1588003612_o

Also I have started to think about another hat I want to make, a funky one like the dino-beanie I made for Mr7…

Crochet post! (smut later, maybe)

I found a pattern for this easy flower and decided to give it a go. And it worked. So I made a bunch. And I made a butterfly because I could.

9752_10153384418287846_4217057971932602267_n  10429216_10153384590287846_960419823945038740_n10421509_10153385788742846_3672524947592366020_nI made a hat with the softest wool, it looks a bit wonky when you look at it but it looks fine when you put it on. Might make a flower to add on it. Like this three layer flower I found a pattern for…


My wife aka The Anxious Hooker started making something with different pinks but it didn’t turn out how she wanted so I picked it up from the discarded piles and made a hat. ^_^


I finished the bag but I’m not happy with the result.

10364153_10153395135737846_4695594354386930292_nMy 7yo son lost a tooth yesterday and I didn’t have a $2 coin from the Tooth Fairy so I explained to him that sometimes the Tooth Fairy gets really busy with other stuff and asks the parents to help. And I freestyled and made him a dinosaur.

1610827_10153396818292846_8094780139640890822_nAnd this afternoon I made a tree.

10454910_10153398179577846_7082829417294728874_nThe plan is to sew them onto this beanie I made last night (after I undo the single crochet and add some rows of double crochet to make it bigger). 1424532_10153398083377846_6058707116550358973_n

I have a new addiction…

And the Anxious Hooker is to blame for it…

On 27th October, once the party for her newly turned 8yo daughter was over, she finally sat with me and taught me crochet.

I have always had this tendency to obsess about things I like and this is no different. I can’t stop. I’m constantly picking up a hook and some wool and making things…

She started me on double crochet first. And then I added a colour, then another. Then another.


First there was 1


Then 2

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