Two lines can change a lot of lives (Part 4)

I like to have a fully written chapter as buffer before I share one with you guys, but the last one was so emotionally charged (I heard it made some people cry…) that I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging for too long.

Just so you know, Wade is not in fact blind drunk in the backyard… Nor is he a violent drunk.

He’s feeling very lost at the moment, poor man, and he was too lost in thought to remember about that bottle he brought out from the kitchen. 

It’s been a long and emotional day for all of them. 


*** WARNING ***

this is a very smutty chapter.


“I’m gonna go to bed, Mum,” Abi said as they walked in the house after dropping Nico home. She looked very jumpy and kept sneaking glances towards the kitchen.

“Okay, honey.” Celia could understand Abi’s reluctance to see her dad after he’d ripped into her earlier. She wrapped her arms around the teenager. “I love you. And your dad does too. He’ll come around, he just needs some time to get used to the idea that his baby girl is no longer a little girl.”

“I know, it’s just…” Abi sighed. “I love you, Mum. Please tell Dad I love him and that I’m sorry I disappointed him. Good night.”

“Good night, honey.” Celia let go of her daughter and watched her make her way down the hallway to her bedroom before she went looking for her husband. Continue reading


Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone… (Selina & Donovan part 2)

Home at last…

I’ve never been so happy to see my house. I park my car in the driveway—because waiting for the garage door to open is beyond me at this point—and I slowly walk to my front door.

I’m past exhausted after having had to work from opening to closing seven days a week for six weeks straight because the bitch who’s the manager on paper decided to fire the two design students who worked with me then go on a two-month cruise with her toy boy, leaving me to pick up the pieces in the middle of peak wedding season.

Thank fuck tomorrow is a statutory holiday and I can sleep. Supposed to meet up with the girls for lunch to catch up on the goss I’ve missed but I’ve warned them I might not make it.

God I hope I don’t lie in bed staring at the ceiling for two hours again tonight. Donovan got himself a girlfriend, some skinny blonde thing so no more late night booty calls for me, which means no more orgasm-induced blissful sleep. Continue reading