Hoppity Hop update!

The cast came off!

Her ankle still hurts a bit, from a month of not being used.

Crutches for a week or so, still but no more cast!


We’re having her birthday party today — finally!

Her birthday was on 9 February, but that was a week after school started and it just didn’t work!.

Made her a South Park inspired cake.10997001_10153667209462846_8655783377232639080_n

Don’t kick the baby!!


I’m not all about the writing though…



I love to bake and decorate birthday cakes for my kids (and other people’s kids too). It was my son’s 7th birthday last Friday so it’s good timing, really.

Here are a few of the cakes I’ve made over the years (in absolutely zero chronological order). First, the 2 cakes for Aidan’s birthday.



         A purple monster for the purple party of a little boy who loooooooooooooves purple.

   7 cake

A 7 for school on Friday.

317509_10150457829677846_652814808_nAidan’s 4th birthday cake, a PPG cake, bright yellow inside. We had a yellow party.


A rocketship, with Pluto

rainbow  Cake inspired by the one in the movie Coraline, but with a rainbow inside, for Eloise’s 7th birthday.

treasure map cakeAidan asked for a treasure map cake for his 5th birthday. We obliged and had a lot of fun decorating the cake.

432_47222972845_5195_n Eloise turned 2. My first ever icing of a cake…

  429871_10150759219252846_1920884283_nGirl turned 8 and demanded a TARDIS.



So easy to make, so impressive on the table!


My wife needed a cake for a story in pictures for one of her assignments last year.

I also love baking chocolate chip oat cookies and making pizza, from scratch. I have a quick and easy recipe for pizza dough, that doesn’t require rising, tastes yummy and doesn’t go soggy. The pizza in this photo was bacon & feta.

   Pizza bacon feta d09261c0b55d11e38eac12c7dee43c86_8

If you want to see more of the cakes, click on the link to the Facebook album, right here