What’s the point?

I sat there this morning and started editing an excerpt from a story I’m writing.

Three paragraphs into it, I suddenly stopped and wondered, ‘What’s the point?’

I couldn’t find an answer.

It’s not a fun place in my brain at the moment, I feel like a huge failure as a mum, as a person. My wife keeps telling me I’m awesome but I really really can’t see it.

[I’m sure I was going to expand on this but we went out and I lost my ‘woe is me’ mojo…]

Anyway, we went to knitting group, I made a flower (ran out of wool for the last petal!!) for that tea cosy I’m making for my friend Sara. Then I found out a player I like made it onto the Rugby World Cup team, had a *squeee* and got myself dirty looks from some of the ladies at knitting group (oops!)…

Then we went for lunch and home where my brain was a douche again. Took the kids to netball after school, last game of the year, had to chat with my ex-husband who was sitting on the other side of Miss11 while Mr7 was playing for his team. My wife was on another court watching Miss8 play her game. ^_^

Miss 11’s team is in the final for their grade on Saturday. It’s very exciting.

Oh and of course now Open Office won’t open. Again. I’ll have to reboot my laptop. Again. It’s the second time in as many days.

Not like I need to fix up my CV to apply for that job or anything…



Brain Freeze

I can’t write – zero inspiration.

I can’t crochet – tried to start on that tea cosy I need to make, frogged it twice, put my hook down.

I cant blog – I have two posts in my drafts box, one I started about a month ago, one I started 3 days ago but nothing is happening.

I can’t brain at the moment.

I don’t know if it’s related to the fact that my baby’s anniversary is coming or because I’m so completely exhausted but it’s not a fun place to be.

Also, driving around with kids in the car and realising you are feeling rather dizzy, NOT the safest thing to be doing.