Chocolate scones and clever plans

I know, I know, I’m posting bits of this story in a non-chronological order. It’s summer here and it’s very hot and it’s melting my brain. Anyways.

This all started as a one-shot that Bree was writing. Once again I got inspired.

Lia and Clara have been together for 6 years. A bit over a year ago, Clara had a one night stand with Nathan, whom she’d had a massive crush on for years. That was that but then some months down the track, Nathan met with the girls again and he found that he had a decision to make.

Fast forward a year, Lia, Clara, Nathan and their little baby girl are off on a holiday. There just one weekend apart to live through first, and Lia’s plans might just have to change…


Lia ordered a latte and a chocolate scone and settled herself on one of the bar stools to the side of the counter as she waited for her drink order. While nibbling on her scone she took a look around.

The place was packed. She’d never seen so many people at Wellington Airport and she’d been there at different times of the day and different days of the year.

Clara had told her she’d order her own drink once she got back from changing Violet’s nappy as she liked her hot drinks hot, unlike Lia who didn’t care how cold her coffee got. She’d just determined not to have another piece of the decidedly tasteless double chocolate scone when a vaguely familiar male voice interrupted her musings.

“Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full.”

She turned to face the man just as her brain made the voice to name to face connection.

Shane Gibson.

It was Shane Gibson.

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I guess Grandma has a point then…

You know how it goes… Bree Guildford started writing a story, a one-shot about Clara and Lia, who are very much in love with each other, having a chance meeting in a café with Nathan, a guy Clara has had a crush on for the longest time and the unexpected long-term consequences of their one night stand.

Suddenly I got hit by a plot bus and I started writing about those same characters about a year on, when Lia accidentally meets at the airport the guy she has had a crush on for the longest time. Of course Clara has the brilliant idea that Lia should spend the weekend with Shane, instead of alone in her hotel room (Clara and Nathan are going to his grandmother’s for her birthday and Lia is persona non grata there).

In this bit I randomly decided to post, Clara and Nathan have just arrived at his grandmother’s house.

“So, Nathaniel, have you set a date yet?” his grandmother asked him and he sighed internally.

He had wondered how long it would take his grandmother to mention his love life and the answer was approximately five minutes after they all sat down in her living room with a cuppa. They’d been at her house all of 30 minutes, in which time Violet had been changed and had had a feed before the adults sat down.

“A date for what, grandma?”He tried to do his best to look confused as he looked at the old women who was sitting in her comfy armchair to his left.

“For your wedding of course, you silly boy,” the old lady admonished. “When are you going to marry that poor girl?”

Nathan didn’t bother hiding his sigh this time, as he threw Clara an apologetic look before taking his grandmother’s hand in his, his other hand keeping Violet safely against him on his knee.

“Grandma, I’ve told you this already, she is not mine to marry,” he told her for what seemed to be the thousandth time since the news had broken that he was going to be a father. Continue reading