Code Pink

This is part of a story I started writing 3 years ago. There is more to it, both before and after this excerpt, but it’s stuck inside my MacBook that I can’t get into (dead screen, useless repairman, long story…). Sooooooooooo… this is all there is for now.

Lexie just can’t keep her hands off her man, even on their wedding day…


“Calm down!” said Maddy, for the 100th time, at least.

Lexie looked at her ‘M of Honour’ and forced a smile. They’d giggled about what title to give her. Couldn’t really call her ‘maid’, what with all the sexing Maddy and her boyfriend Scott had going on and ‘matron’ was just such an ugly word. So ‘M of Honour’ it was.

Hair and make up done, strapless black gown all zipped up over super sexy black equally strapless bustier with little red roses on it, Lexie was ready ahead of time and getting antsy. She kept pacing around the room then stopping to look out the window, hoping the beautiful view would help calm her down.

Lakeside Luxury Resort was amazing, just like the brochure had promised. The clear waters of the lake sparkling in the sun. The green grass and leafy trees. The guests, dressed up to the nines, milling around, waiting for the ceremony to start. What the brochure had failed to mention was the dozens of photographers in the cordonned-off area onto one side of the lawn. The TV cameras with their damn live feed.

All there because Lexie Wilson, or as the media liked to call her, Little Miss Nobody, was marrying Mark Bannon, the country’s most eligible bachelor. It was a media circus; it had been since they’d made their relationship public then announced their engagement. Their wedding was being broadcast to the world but she didn’t really care about that, she only cared about that man.
Suddenly she just needed to see him. NOW.

“Maddy! Unzip me!” she asked in a rushed tone.

“What? Now? No!”

When Lexie tried to unzip the gown herself, Maddy raced to the rescue.

“What are you doing?”

“I need to see him,” Lexie explained.

“He’s fine. He’s with the boys.”

“I don’t care. I need to see him.” Continue reading