I’m writing.
1200 words in the past two days, which is a LOT for me, especially since we have all 4 kids home this week (school holidays) and we’ve been out most of the day yesterday and today.
Calleigh and Alyssa are having a heated discussion right now, about Calleigh’s feelings for Dylan and Cole.
Poor thing is in denial, and hoping than if she ignores her feelings, they will go away.


Hope you’re having a nice week.


Thursday blues

I’m writing again, slowly, but writing is writing, right? Got inspired to write about Calleigh, Dylan and Cole.

Today felt like a very very long day, feels like we went from place to place to place all day and I feel exhausted.

I’m crocheting a bassinet blanket for the babies at the NICU of Wellington Hospital. And I found a crocodile stitch flower that is (I think) very pretty, and easy to make.

Also, we have a cat now. His name is Mr Bojangles, the lady at the SPCA named him, we call him mostly Mr Bo. We also have an axolotl but that’s not news.



mr bo knitting

Naughty Pool Shenanigans

This is another story that borrows characters from Bree Guildford.

She started writing about Alyssa and Cameron who decide to elope to Rarotonga to get married after their respective mothers drive them crazy trying to take over wedding plans. On the trip they are joined by their three best friends, who happen to be in a polyamorous relationship (there’s a story there, and it might get written) and the following is what they get up to at the island resort they’re staying at.

Calleigh barely registered the splash of someone diving into the pool behind them because Dylan was holding her against him with one arm around her waist, his other hand in her bikini bottoms, two of his fingers slowly running up and down her slit as the water sloshed around their shoulders.

Her arms were wrapped loosely over his shoulders to try and keep up the pretence that nothing naughty was going on but it was taking all her energy to NOT moan out loud every time his fingers slid over her clit. Her fingers dug into his skin as a warning that went unheeded.

The area around the pool was mostly deserted but there were still a couple of people enjoying the late afternoon sun on loungers over the other side of where they were.

She and Dylan had been in the water for about an hour, chasing each other all over the pool for a while before just floating lazily around and making out. Soon enough things had escalated, as was the norm between them.

Her hand had oh-so-innocently brushed against his crotch, his fingers had grazed over her nipple and now they were in the shallow end of the pool, his hand between her legs.

She was getting hornier by the minute as his hand kept moving up and down against her slick flesh and she knew he was getting affected too.

She could feel him grow hard against her belly and was seriously considering pulling him out of his board shorts and impaling herself on his cock right where they were when she felt two hands grab her hips as a strong body pressed against her back. Continue reading