The Tea Cosy Project

You may remember I mentioned the knitting group having a Tea Cosy exhibition.

11659497_880589698647022_161339410463902423_nMy wife and I manned the gallery for the first shift on the first day and we were there for 3 hours, during which we managed to sell a total of 8 tea cosies. We had a steady stream of visitors during those 3 hours and it was a lovely way to spend the morning.

There were around 80 tea cosies on display, of all shapes and sizes and colours — an amazing array of creativity and imagination and skills!!

exhibitionThere was a write-up about the exhibition in the local paper!!

tea cosy exhibitionI went with different flowers for my tea cosy in the end, and had a lot of fun making them. I was sewing the last 2 flowers on it AT knitting group the day before the exhibition opened and the lady sitting next to me absolutely insisted she had to have it so I told her to talk to the group leader to sort it out.

my tea cosyMy tea cosy was displayed next to another one which was my absolute favourite in the whole exhibition.

tea cosies^_^


Some writing bug that was. Only NOT.

I haven’t written a word since.

I can’t decide what happens next.

I can’t crochet anything either, end up frogging everything I’ve started.

I did make another flower for my tea cosy on Thursday night but then I ran out of wool so that was that.

It’s 9am and it’s 3.7°C and apparently it ‘feels like -1°C’ and half of the car was covered in ice. Yes, half, because it was parked on the road and the passenger side and back window got the sun early so no ice on there.

You know what else? The kids are back at school today after two weeks of and it’s eerily quiet in the house!!

Time for another cup of tea.

Behold! A crochet post!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but we have joined the knitting (and crochet) group at the public library on the other side of town. We meet there on Wednesday mornings and chat as we knit/crochet. The lady in charge decided that we needed to have a tea cosy exhibition. I was not aware that people still used tea cosies. I have a teapot and never use it… Continue reading

Thursday blues

I’m writing again, slowly, but writing is writing, right? Got inspired to write about Calleigh, Dylan and Cole.

Today felt like a very very long day, feels like we went from place to place to place all day and I feel exhausted.

I’m crocheting a bassinet blanket for the babies at the NICU of Wellington Hospital. And I found a crocodile stitch flower that is (I think) very pretty, and easy to make.

Also, we have a cat now. His name is Mr Bojangles, the lady at the SPCA named him, we call him mostly Mr Bo. We also have an axolotl but that’s not news.



mr bo knitting

That crochet thing…

On the weekend I started crocheting a Captain America shield beanie for a 4yo following a pattern my wife found for a Batman beanie (that she made, and it looks awesome). The actual shield design is all me.

captain americaIt looked too small so I kept increasing my rows, checking for size on the nearly 5yo to make sure. I ended up with a couple of extra rows of red.

It’s not as tight as I’d like it to be but there’s nothing I can do about that. Emma reckons it’s perfectly fine and she loves it.

Last night I started a Hawkeye beanie, following the same pattern but this time using the directions for an adult beanie (instead of a preschooler size one).

I ended up with pretty much the same amount of stitches increase as I did with the preschooler beanie. If I keep following the pattern, I have about 4 rows to do and it will be too short.

Soooooooooo not feeling this beanie thing anymore.

Pissed off I am.

Because on top of today being super cold, this morning I thought, oh, I’ll create an account on my computer for the nearly 5yo so she can play online games without me risking all my stuff.


The Blue Screen Of Death

The Blue Screen Of Death

May the 4th be with you, they said.

Lie to me, they did!!

Crochet update! Been busy…

I was playing around with white wool one evening and ended up with a sphere and thought, hey, I know what to make of this… That’s how Iris came to. The name was given to her by Miss10 the next day at school when I showed her.


This is Iris.


Iris keeping an eye on me at the library while my wife was at an appointment

I made another landscape beanie for a friend and she mentioned sunflowers were her favourite flower so I set to find a pattern for one. I did but it went very tricky when I got to the petals and I decided to freestyle instead. Alas, I ended up with this decidedly non-sunflower looking thing, that I later recycled into an octopus.


One failed sunflower…


… became Tim the octopus with 13 tentacles! (and a bow tie)

Attempt No2 at a sunflower was a lot more successful! It is now on the beanie, soon to be sent to my friend.


Sunflower mark 2 was much better…

I decided to finally do something with this very soft very chunky wool I bought with my Christmas money from my stepmum. I did chained 30 then did rows of double crochet. When I ran out of wool, my wife suggested I use the other ball I had, so I did just that. Ended up buying another 2 balls after that, and now it’s finished. I don’t have a photo of the finished product yet, (a shawl, for my wife) because I need to sew the bits for the collar but I love it.


Really soft, really chunky wool and size 10 hook…


Four (completely different from each other) balls of yarn later, I have made a shawl for my wife!

My wife made a bunny and I had to try and make one too. The pattern was easy to follow (link at the end of the post) and I love the result. The ears ended up two different sizes because I used a different yarn.


The rest of Flopsy



Easy Crochet Bunny Pattern from The Green Dragonfly

Not feeling it

I started this blog because my wife pushed me to, with the argument that the world needed to read my smut.

I thought, ok, I can do that. So I posted bits and pieces of things I had written.

Then she showed me crochet and I got obsessed with that.

My post about the things I’ve crocheted have had WAY more views that any of my smut. I know I’m not blogging to get views, but still it’s nice to see that the stuff you post is getting seen.

The disparity in views re my posts makes me all doubty about my writing and rather discouraged, to be honest.

Or maybe I’m just having a blah day/week/month.


Just ignore me, I’ll be ok.