Meeting Holly

I got inspired a couple of months ago and wrote this. It’s really a missing scene from a story by Bree Guildford that she has shared some excepts from on her blog. The story is about two couples, India & James and Jenna & Lucas. No, I’m not Bree Guildford and yes, she let me use the characters she created. Cos she looooooooooooooooooves me.

Jenna & Lucas have been together for about 6 years, lost a baby almost 5 years before the story starts. The story Bree is writing starts the day India and James meet in early December. In the bit I wrote, it’s the day after Boxing Day and Jenna & Lucas are spending the day with James’s family.

After India and James had introduced them to his parents, his sister and her husband, Jenna sat down in one of the chairs set out in the backyard while Lucas went to get them both a drink. He’d just sat down next to her when she noticed a little girl sitting on a chair about a metre away, staring at them intently. She knew from India that this was Tom and Lily’s little girl, Holly, that James had taken to the movies on Boxing Day when India had come with her to her ultrasound.
She smiled when Holly looked at her. “Hello, you must be Holly,” she said and watched Holly’s eyes widen. “I’ve heard a lot about you from my friend India and your uncle James.” She felt Lucas’s hand pick up her hand and squeeze it lightly as Holly hopped off her chair and walked towards them, stopping in front of Lucas.
“Uncle James said India’s friends were coming to see us today. Are you India’s friends? I like her, even if she has a magic nightie that turns people who see it into frogs. I don’t want to be a frog. What’s your name?” Holly asked him, looking very serious.
Jenna felt her heart melt at the cuteness when Lucas held out his hand to Holly and she put her tiny little hand in his big strong hand as they shook hands.
“I’m Lucas and this is my girlfriend Jenna. It’s very nice to meet you, Holly. I’m glad you like our friend India, because we like her very much too. And you know what? I wouldn’t want to be a frog either.”
Holly grinned before hopping on Lucas’s lap, making herself comfortable, and Jenna felt Lucas squeeze her hand tighter than before. It was hard not to think about Sasha upon seeing Holly who was just a bit younger than Sasha would have been, and she knew that’s what Lucas was thinking. Strangely she didn’t feel the tears that usually accompanied such thoughts and she wondered if it was because of the tiny baby growing in her belly. She brought Lucas’s hand up to her lips and kissed it. He looked over at her, then at the little girl on his knee then back at her and she smiled before kissing his hand again.
Holly grabbed Lucas’s free hand and shook his arm to get his attention back on her and Jenna did her best not to giggle. “Guess what?”
“What?” Lucas asked, playing along.
“My little brother Charlie is going to be born soon but he’s still in my mummy’s tummy so I can’t play with him yet and I want to play with him now! Do you have a baby?” Jenna couldn’t believe how much Holly managed to say without taking a breath and instinctively put her free hand on her belly when Holly asked about the baby.
“Umm, no, not yet… but if you want I can tell you a secret,” Lucas replied with a conspiratorial fake whisper.
Holly nodded eagerly. “I LOOOOOOVE secrets!!!” she told him excitedly.
“We found out yesterday that Jenna has a baby in her belly,” Lucas told Holly who immediately turned to Jenna.
“Can I see your baby?” Holly asked and Jenna smiled at her.
“Not yet, sweetie, he’s still very very small, but you can see him after he’s born,” she told Holly who looked to be thinking hard about something.
“Is your baby a boy like my brother Charlie?” Holly asked and Jenna nodded.
“Yes, he is, but we haven’t decided what to call him yet, because we only just found out he is in my belly.”
“Oh… Can I give him a name?” Holly asked before looking down at Lucas’s arm around her little waist, keeping her from falling off the chair. “Wow! Did you draw that on your arm?”
Lucas chuckled. That reaction to his full sleeve tattoo sure was a first.
“No, I paid a man to draw it on my arm, with a needle,” he explained and Holly looked horrified.
“But needles hurt!!! The doctor put one in my arm when I was just 4 and it really hurt and I cried, but only a little bit because I’m very brave, and I think mum cried too, even if she didn’t get a needle in her arm!” Holly told them.
“You’re right, needles hurt but that was the only way to get the drawing to stay on my arm forever,” he explained further and she stared at the design on his arm for a minute then licked her finger and rubbed Lucas’s skin. When the ink didn’t rub off she looked up at him.
“Um.. you’re right it’s not going away. I like it. Can I have one too?” she asked and Lucas laughed and told her she’d have to wait until she was 18 because he didn’t think her parents would agree.

Later that night
“Mum! Look! I have a tattoo like Lucas!”