Trampolines & kids limbs, part 2


Took the child back to the doctor on Friday. We waited for a bit then a nurse took the cast off. After some more waiting we saw the doctor who said that the x-ray had come back negative for a break. HOWEVER it still hurt when she pressed her fingers on Miss11’s ankle and said ankle was still puffy. As a safe measure, it was decided to put her in a fibreglass cast for 3 weeks, just in case there was a growth plate break they couldn’t see.

IMG_20150130_152804 IMG_20150130_152851 IMG_20150130_153232 IMG_20150130_170231 IMG_20150130_170906 IMG_20150130_171457 IMG_20150130_171558 She read her book every time we had to wait and read over 60 pages in the 2 hours we spent at A&M!!IMG_20150130_172335New cast, for 3 weeks. No putting water on it and no walking!


Of trampolines and their dangers on kids limbs… (and my phone really takes crappy photos!)

It’s summer, the sun is shining, there isn’t a cloud in the sky, and the kids asked to play on the slip and slide. Which of course meant they sneaked bubble bath from the bathroom and covered the trampoline in it.


Fun in the sun!

Great fun.

Until I heard really loud crying I identified as coming from the eldest (mine) and by then Miss8 had come go get me.

Eloise had slipped on the tramp and sprained her ankle and it was swelling up already and very very sore. I got her inside and we put ice on it. We also gave her some ibuprofen and decided it was best I take her up to Accident &Medical to get checked out by a doctor. (Sunday afternoon = pricey but necessary)


Kids crutches were too small. Adult crutches are too big. The perks of being a Tween!

We saw the triage nurse (Brian, very nice) then waited about an hour for the x-ray (another Brian!) then waited again to see the doctor. Upon reviewing the x-ray he found something he called interesting. I asked if it was good interesting or bad interesting. There was a line on her fibula at ankle level. Enough of one to make him take the safe route and put her in a cast. A back slab I think he called it (not a full cast).





IMG_20150125_194646 IMG_20150125_194910 IMG_20150125_195720We have to go to the Fracture Clinic on Friday for an assessment and they might do another x-ray. IMG_20150125_200936There’s one week of school holidays left and then it’s time to start at a new school. Gonna be fun on crutches!

Happy happy happy!

My babies are coming home today!

They left with their dad on the evening of Friday 2nd January. We had them the first 2 weeks of the summer holiday, it was his turn to have them, for 3 weeks, then we have them next week then we resume the regular school time schedule.

You know what?


Especially when you never get any replies to the sporadic texts you send to your ex’s phone about things you’ve been doing. Eloise did message me on Viber briefly a week in but that was about it. On the Thursday after they’d left, I thought, ‘Man, they’ve been gone for aaaaaages!’ then realised that no, it’d only been 6 days.

On Tuesday I was driving to the supermarket, a song Aidan sings all the time started playing on the radio and I burst into tears… *sigh*

So yeah, time for my babies to come home!

Oh ScreenTime app, l love you!

We got our kids tablets for Christmas (my stepmum sent Christmas/birthday money for the coming year), the same ones that were on the news for the alleged easily accessible porn downloads (I had a look before we gave them to the kids and no, it wasn’t that easy, I mean, what kid, when going on an app download app, will scroll down 5 pages to find the ‘Adult’ section when the ‘Games’ one is right at the top?).

First thing we did was to download the Screen Time app that gives us control of what apps the kids have access to and how long they spend on their tablets, by that I mean, they get a daily limit and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

It’s the summer holidays at the moment so they have 5 hours every day (it will go down during school time). For the past week, Aidan has spent about 4 hours watching Minecraft videos (curse you Stampy!) and run out of tablet time around lunchtime.

About three days ago I told them that when the bedtime block kicks in at 8pm the only app still available to them is the e-reader. Gabrielle has made use of it and last night, this happened… aidanMy little man (he’s 7) decided to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I’d just read him 3 chapters of the hard copy of the book). He read them again but I don’t care, he’s reading!

Merry Christmas!!

It’s nearly 12.30pm on Christmas day here, and we’re off for a festive picnic with family at the local lake.

I thought I’d leave you with those photos (that I stole from my wife) of our 4 silly monkeys in their Christmas t-shirts.

I might have an idea for a Christmas story but between watching the kids opening presents and making French toast for a late breakfast, I haven’t had a chance to work on it. I did pack my notebooks so who knows!

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