I suck at blogging

Once again it’s been months since I posted something I wrote.

Sure, I reblogged a couple of posts I deemed important but nothing I wrote since the last chapter of Selina and Donovan.

Art school has been taking all my brain power this year. Here is my ‘Like Wallpaper’ painting, each panel is 180cm high and 60cm wide. The silhouettes are  my kids in various poses. ^_^

This semester is worse than the first one and I find that I am not enjoying it much. Art history is a very demanding class, brain-draining speaking. We’re also experimenting with drawing machines in art lab, so I’ve been taping felt pens to a hand mixer and doing marks on paper, also, shooting my son’s NERF guns with ink on the darts…

I have still found little bits of time here and there to write, mainly a new story I’ve been working on, with a couple who just had a baby. They are getting ready for a big move and Kayla has yet to tell her mother… This little bit is rather self-explanatory…


After checking on Maya who, for once, was out to it in her bassinet Kayla went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. She left her mug on the bench when she heard a knock on the door.

She weaved her way through the boxes of assorted kitchen stuff and other possessions they would not be taking with them and made it to the front door as whoever was on the other side knocked impatiently again.

“I’m here,” she said as she opened the door. “Please stop knocking or you’ll wa–Mum!” She felt quite a shock when she realised just who the impatient person was.

“Well? Aren’t you going to let me in?” her mother, Ruth, fired at her before she pushed past Kayla and walked into the house.

Kayla closed the front door and took a deep breath then followed the woman she hadn’t seen in a couple of months. She caught up to her mother in the lounge.

“Would you like a hot drink, Mum?” she asked as she kept walking to the kitchen. She knew from experience they would be having heated words, and she needed to gather her composure.

“Coffee, black, no sugar.”

Like your soul, then…

“Why don’t you come sit down in the kitchen?” Kayla called out, silently adding, while we still have a table and chairs.

Ruth walked in, her eyes moving from box to box, before taking a seat at the table.

Kayla put her mother’s coffee in front of her then sat down with her tea. She didn’t bother getting biscuits out, the last thing she needed was her mother telling her she needed to lose weight, not eat junk food.

She thanked her lucky stars that by some miracle Maya was still asleep and took a sip of her tea to give herself more time to come up with a reason not to have told her about the move yet, other than “you’re bitter and bitchy and you hate my baby daddy and you don’t even know him”.
“So, Mum… How are you? Haven’t you seen you in ages! Keeping busy?”

“Not as busy as you, clearly! What’s the meaning of all this?” Ruth gestured at the chaos. “Please tell me you finally realised he’s no good for you and you’re moving out. If you ask nicely I might let you stay at my house with your bastard child.”


I better get back to my art history timeline because it’s due tomorrow and she wants 4 entries per era (invention/event, design work, fashion garment, art work), from 800 BC to 300 AD and it’s HARD!



Sad anniversary + update

Ten years is a long time.

And yet, sometimes, it feels like it was just yesterday that I lost my baby girl.

While she was actually born on 17th August, the 16th is often the worst day for me.

It happened that way this year. The sun shining helped with my atrocious mood, as did having lunch with my wife. ❤

A very dear friend came over this afternoon and gave me this wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful present she made.

dragonfly flower

I am working on the last chapter of Selina and Donovan’s story, slowly, as the last few chapters were rather draining. I’m also 4500 words into something new, a collaboration of sorts with my wife on a thing she’s writing (she’s writing about one character and I’ve started writing about another one from the same story). It’s very exciting.

When the brain has other ideas…

I got up to pee at 6.20am then went back to bed because today is the only day of the week I don’t have to get up.

I was lying in bed trying to get back to sleep but my brain was trying to find a good starting line for that new story I’ve been thinking about for Bree. I rolled over to check the time on my phone on the bedside table, knocked over a pen and said, FINE! YOU WIN!

Crossed the room to get my notebook on the dresser and got back in the bed and wrote.

1h20 and 14 A5 handwritten pages later…

Not sure I got my mojo back but this is the most I’ve written in weeks!!

A bit bored but horny a lot!

This is the start of that new story idea I got when Bree and I had that creative meeting last week.

I hope you like it.

Becky looked up when she heard the door of the hotel suite open and smiled when she saw it was Troy.

Hey,” she said with a little wave as he shut the door behind him. “What are you doing back here so soon?” she asked, watching him as he walked over to her.

He sat on the edge of the bed to remove his shoes and socks, dropping them on the floor before looking at her.

Didn’t feel right, leaving you all alone all afternoon like that, so I came back.”

He moved up the bed to sit next to her, his arm going over her shoulders as she snuggled up to him. He looked so big and powerful, even just lying there, relaxing on a bed. Her eyes fell on the bulge in his pants and she felt her clit throb.

“So whatcha doing?” he interrupted her train of thoughts, thoughts which were turning decidedly dirty and she looked up at him with a smile, her hand finding the hem of his shirt and sliding under it to stroke the skin of his belly.

“Just waiting for this movie to start cos I was bored,” she replied as her fingers traced his treasure trail.

Oh yeah? What movie?” Troy moved down the bed a bit and readjusted the pillow behind him. Becky looked up at him with a naughty grin and bit her lip.

A naughty movie…”

Troy laughed and she felt his hand move from her shoulder down her back to settle on her butt. The man really had giant arms.

So you’re that kind of bored…” Continue reading


It’s 10.23pm on New Year’s Eve.
We just watched A Princess For Christmas (Sam Heughan in a tuxedo nom nom nom) with the kids after a delicious dinner of chicken nibbles, chips and then brown sugar pavlova, and they’ve gone to sleep in the tent in the backyard.

We predict at least half of them back in the house within the hour. In the meantime, we’re having sponge cake (made with the egg yolks left over from the pav) and watching some Justified.

It has occured to me that this blog I started to share the smut I’d written has become a random assortment of smut, crochet and other stuff. They don’t call me Random Girl for nothing! ^_^

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about this story I started writing 3 years ago, that is lost (for now, for I have hope to retrieve my files somehow, some time) on my MacBook (the screen went super dark and the guy who was supposed to fix it didn’t AND didn’t screw the laptop back together properly so I don’t want to turn it on, for fear it will die a permanent death). I still remember the plot parts of that story so I was thinking, why don’t I just start it again?

Could be my New Year Resolution, I guess…

Have a safe New Year celebration.

Of the perils of creative meetings…

Bree & I had a couple of what we call ‘creative meetings’ yesterday, where we discuss her characters and plot development for the current story. We tend to cover a lot of grounds in those, and come up with different ideas we then decide to run with or not.
The problem is that it gets my brain thinking about said characters and plot ideas. And sometimes my brain just won’t let go.
This morning when I was driving our kids to school I got hit with an idea for Bree’s story (about a girl called Lanie who’s dating twin brother Blake and Logan, you can read what’s been posted here and here **WARNING** it’s NSFW, kinky and deliciously naughty) and the words came to me. I tried to ignore them but they kept pestering me so when I came home from my physio appointment (acupuncture! on my elbow!) I opened a document and started to write.
I wrote 529 words before we had to leave to meet a friend for lunch. I’m not done yet. It felt good to write again. I’ve been consumed with the need to finish editing my friend’s book in the past 2 weeks (and binge watching Castle until 2am most nights) and I’ve been putting my writey feeling on the back burner.
But today it came back and I’m glad I went with it. I haven’t had time to sit down and write more yet but I know I will, my brain is thinking up words…

So much naughtiness to write about…

I can’t seem to finish anything…

Bree Guildford got a new idea for a story and started writing it. We were having a creative meeting (basically, we sit around and discuss plot and story line and characters development) and talking about her new idea got me inspired.

So I started writing my idea. Then I stopped because I got stuck. That was 500 words, which, for a slow writer like me is not bad, really.

Then on Sunday night we were going to bed and I said to Bree I’d be there in a minute. I kept updating her by text about my word count. It kept climbing. My characters decided to be very naughty. Then suddenly I’d written 1033 words and I finished the scene and went to bed.

I am not calling it a story, it’s only 1533 words, it’s an idea that is still taking shape in my head and my brain keeps adding bits to it.

If only I could write as fast as my brain comes up with the stuff it wants me to write…