Being bad never felt so good (Selina & Donovan part 6)

When you just can’t help yourself because you’re hurting and he’s right there and you want him so bad, even though you’re soooooooooo mad at him…

Selina just had a night out with her friends to try and take her mind off Donovan after she dropped off at his house all the stuff that reminded her of him. She’s hurting and trying to move forward. ICYMI you can find it right here.

I’m not as careful as I should be and right now I don’t care.

Soon enough it’s 2am and we exit the club and the noise. The fresh air feels nice on my overheated skin and I realise Lacey is on the phone with Chris organising a pick-up point.

Once he gets there we pile up in his car, Lacey in the front of course.

“Keep your hands to yourself, lady, I’d like to get home in one piece!” I say from the backseat and London laughs.

She’s the first one to get dropped off then it’s my turn. I tell Lacey I’ll be over at some point the next day to pick up my car and bid her and Chris a good night.

I walk into my house and wonder why there’s a glow coming from the lounge. I didn’t go in there this morning before I went to work and I’m sure I turned the lamp off last night after the girls left. Continue reading


Maybe food can wait, after all…


Hello! I’ve been meaning to post this excerpt for a while but I kept putting it off. The names needed changing, I wondered whether I should post more of that scene, or a different scene from that story… Anyway, here it is.

It’s a story I started over 2 years ago (told you I was a slow writer!!!). It’s my longest story to date and it’s a long way from being finished (again, slow writer). But I love it.

Paige has had a crush on Jack for the longest time and when they met on a plane, they both felt a connection. Later in the airport she is reunited with her girlfriend, Carly, who decides that giving Jack Paige’s number is a good idea. Long story short, a few days later, Paige and Jack go out for a coffee (and cake, of course) and then end up at his house.

***I included the polyamory tag for this post because while this is early days for Paige and Jack, they are going to be together, just as much as Paige and Carly are together.***

The following excerpt takes place some time after they get back to Jack’s house and after some deliciously naughty naked shenanigans…

**Edited to add the link to the scene from the story that Paige mentions in the kitchen, you can find it right here on WordPress now that Bree Guildford has made the move from Blogger!**

Jack groaned when the first taste of Paige hit his tongue. He pushed his tongue into her hole before licking back up her slit and finding her clit, concentrating on that part of her anatomy; her cries indicating to him that he was doing something extremely right. Continue reading