Chocolate cake or shower sex?

Last time we saw Paige and Carly, they’d just had reunion sex after Paige came home from a four-week overseas trip.

They were starving after all the sex but decided to stay in. Of course Paige gets some ideas…

Paige snuggled up and considered their dinner options. “I’d be happy with toast if that means we can stay naked…”

Carly pretended to consider that idea then kissed Paige on the forehead. “Toast it is then! Or maybe grilled cheese sandwiches?”

“Ok,” Paige replied before yawning and reaching up to kiss Carly’s neck. She couldn’t resist nibbling on the crook of Carly’s neck while she was there, knowing full well the effect it had on her girlfriend.

Carly moaned softly and bit her lip. “Come on,” Carly urged Paige, “or we’ll never eat.” Continue reading

Making up for lost time

Remember Paige? She was in Jack’s kitchen, telling him all about a naughty book, which lead to kitchen shenanigans (yes, I use that word too much, I know).

A week before Paige ended up at Jack’s house, she was on a plane home after four weeks away visiting her family. She met Jack on the last leg of her trip as they were sitting next to each other on that last plane. She was met by her girlfriend Carly in the arrivals terminal.

This is what happens when the girls get home.

Paige walked in the house after Carly and closed the door behind them. She stopped in the kitchen and looked around, under Carly’s watchful eye.

“I’ve missed home.”

She put her handbag down on the table and turned to her girlfriend who was standing behind her with a big smile on her face.

“I’ve missed YOU.”

Paige reached out and cupped Carly’s face, noticing the tears threatening to spill. “Never again, baby, I promise.”

They reached for each other at the same time, Paige’s arms wrapping themselves around Carly’s neck, Carly’s arms tightening their hold around Paige’s waist, bringing their bodies closer and their mouths fusing together.

The kiss quickly turned passionate; they had always had a very healthy sex life and they had four weeks to catch up on.

As she grazed Carly’s tongue with hers, Paige reflected that suddenly she wasn’t all that tired anymore, even though she’d just spent 2 days on various planes so, grasping the edges of Carly’s top, she pulled it up and off her girlfriend, before burying her face in Carly’s neck and biting down on the crook of her neck.

Carly whimpered and Paige bit harder, her hands reaching around Carly to undo the clasp of her bra. She straightened up and looked into Carly’s eyes, biting her lip as she slid the bra straps off her girlfriend’s arms. Carly moaned then crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Bed. Now. Please.” Continue reading