Valentine’s Day Reunion part 5

I hung on to this part for while but then I realised this story wasn’t advancing because it was finished. As it was. All 5581 words of it.

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Part 4


Sienna felt like her day had taken on a surreal turn. She was sitting on her couch with a man she’d had a crush on for near on ten years, a man she’d dreamed about countless times, a man she hadn’t seen in five years because he had moved away with his girlfriend-now-fiancée the day after giving her the best kiss of her life.

Suddenly his fingers on her neck were burning her skin and not in a sexy way. She moved so she could face him, and his hand dropped onto the back of the couch. He looked as nervous as she was. Continue reading


Valentine’s Day Reunion part 4

Did you read part 3 first?

He heard Sienna talk to Tim in the kitchen then she was back, carrying a small bottle which he guessed contained that flavoured milk they were talking about. He was surprised when she sat down on the couch next to him, her lower leg pressing along his thigh as she presented him with the bottle with a flourish that made him smile.

“I present to you, the world’s most delicious flavoured milk in the history of flavoured milks,” she said with a smile that made him want to wrap his arms around her and kiss the daylights out of her.

He stopped himself, just, and instead took the offered drink.

“Oh God,” Tim said as he walked back into the lounge carrying three cans of Coke. “Please don’t make sex noises like she does when she drinks that stuff, I beg you.” Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Reunion part 3

Please make sure you’ve read part 1 and part 2 or this won’t make much sense…

“What the fuck was that about?” Tim asked as soon as the front door slammed shut. “I know it’s been a while but I really thought she’d been happy to see you.”

Mike shrugged. If Sienna had chosen to not tell her brother about what had happened five years ago, it was her decision, not his, so he’d keep his mouth shut.

Fuck, she looked good.

She’d looked good when she was twenty one, especially the night of her party, in that little black lacy dress with the plunging neckline but she looked even better now. Curves in all the right places, jeans hugging her figure, making his fingers itch to touch her. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Reunion part 2

In case you missed Part 1… Here is the link.

Their eyes met and she saw the moment he recognised her. Her cheeks were burning and she wished the floor would open and swallow her.

“Sis, you remember Mike, don’t ya?” Tim said with a grin that told her he knew she did, before he pulled her with him into the lounge. She had no choice but to follow.

“Of course I do,” she bit out as they stopped in front of Mike.
“Hi.” He was smiling. Oh god, he was smiling.
“Hi,” she replied, trying not to smile back but his gorgeous smile was infectious.

She removed Tim’s arm from around her, making sure to dig her nails in nice and deep to ensure he was aware of her displeasure. Tim winced but said nothing about it. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Reunion part 1

This is the start of something I wrote on Valentine’s Day. Then I started my course and haven’t really written anything since. But I’m feeling writey again and I wanted to share this bit with you. A teaser of sorts.

Sienna checked the time again, for the tenth time in about as many minutes – not that it would make Tim appear any faster– and sighed.

Her brother was always late, even on Valentine’s Day, and at the age of twenty-eight, it was very unlikely to change.

It had become their tradition that, if they were both single on Valentine’s Day or their birthdays, they would go out for dinner at Mr Wong’s Chinese Palace.

Tim wasn’t actually single but his lovely girlfriend Sasha was in Thailand on a work assignment for a travel magazine so he’d decided, with Sasha’s blessing, to take Sienna out for dinner. Continue reading