Back at school & loving it **PICSPAM**

We are now in week 5 of term 1 of my course.

The whole thing is 4 terms, in 2 semesters, with 2 weeks holidays between term 1 & 2 and 3 weeks holiday between the 2 semester. Each term is 8 weeks and this time I have my 2 week break at the same time as the kids have theirs. Later in the year, not so much.

On Monday we have Design. There are too many of use for the Mac labs so they split us in two groups, Graphic Design and Fashion Design. Unsurprisingly I picked Fashion Design.

On Tuesday we have what they call ‘Intermedia’. We made a soft cover journal and learned how to do drypoint (scratches on plastic that is then inked and put onto paper in a press). We had to do a playing card from Game of Thrones as a practice and the main assignment is to Photoshop ourselves into a (A3) scene from LoTR or GoT or Vikings or Outlander, then drypoint and print.

On Wednesday we have drawing and have become rather acquainted with the class skeleton, Flexi Fred.

On Thursday we have Art History and as part of that class we went for an overnight trip to the local Marae where we did some scrimshaw (inked etchings on bone) and visited a carved church.

On Friday I spend the day with my wife. ^_^

Here some pics of my work so far! Continue reading


Back to school…

I have enrolled for a Certificate of Art and Design through a local tertiary education provider (called UCOL, which stands for Universal College of Learning).12572979_10154562712482846_6235172916175277426_n

I was intent on looking for a job but then I found this and since I’m a big chicken and studying is (only vaguely) less scary that the whole job seeking process… (and at the moment, unless you are a nurse, teacher or manager, you’re out of luck).

I have done university before. Yanno, 20 years ago, when I finished high school… God I feel old. I never did all that well with studies, I have half a Masters degree in English from my university in France, I suck at essays, the translation class is the one that always saved my bacon.

This morning in the car I had a minor freak out.

I can’t do this. I suck at studying. I suck at essays. I’m 38, not 23 who am I kidding with this arts stuff?

Of course my wife will tell me I’m being silly and I’ll be fine. She’s probably right.

But it’s still scary.

At least I won’t be alone, a friend of mine enrolled to do the same course.