A bit bored but horny a lot!

This is the start of that new story idea I got when Bree and I had that creative meeting last week.

I hope you like it.

Becky looked up when she heard the door of the hotel suite open and smiled when she saw it was Troy.

Hey,” she said with a little wave as he shut the door behind him. “What are you doing back here so soon?” she asked, watching him as he walked over to her.

He sat on the edge of the bed to remove his shoes and socks, dropping them on the floor before looking at her.

Didn’t feel right, leaving you all alone all afternoon like that, so I came back.”

He moved up the bed to sit next to her, his arm going over her shoulders as she snuggled up to him. He looked so big and powerful, even just lying there, relaxing on a bed. Her eyes fell on the bulge in his pants and she felt her clit throb.

“So whatcha doing?” he interrupted her train of thoughts, thoughts which were turning decidedly dirty and she looked up at him with a smile, her hand finding the hem of his shirt and sliding under it to stroke the skin of his belly.

“Just waiting for this movie to start cos I was bored,” she replied as her fingers traced his treasure trail.

Oh yeah? What movie?” Troy moved down the bed a bit and readjusted the pillow behind him. Becky looked up at him with a naughty grin and bit her lip.

A naughty movie…”

Troy laughed and she felt his hand move from her shoulder down her back to settle on her butt. The man really had giant arms.

So you’re that kind of bored…” Continue reading