I still can’t quite believe it…

Wow, it’s been a while… I’ve been super busy with art school, I’m now halfway through the third and last year of my degree, and we just had the end of semester show. Continue reading


School’s out for summer!

Well, my school is, anyway. My course is over, the exhibition is on this week and then on Friday the big clean up.


I should have time now to write and think and plot… In between cuddling the tiny kittehs we are fostering now. ^_^



When technology fucks you over

We moved house last week (on the Saturday).

So I saved my open documents (on OpenOffice) and then I shut down my computer. We didn’t have the internet until Wednesday, I didn’t turn my laptop back on until Thursday morning, because we were busy with other things.

Tonight I decided to open the document that has chapter 3 of the story of Wade and Celia.

I was faced with 8 pages of ####################.

The file is corrupted because, according to the internet after I googled my issue when I tried to open the file, I didn’t wait 10 minutes for OpenOffice to do its thing before I shut down my laptop.

I’ve lost a whole chapter because I’d taken it down from GoogleDocs and not backed it up on anything (or sent the file to my wife).


Updatey thing

Hello *waves*

I started back at art school and we have to pack because we’re moving in two weeks so things are getting a bit hectic.

I’m part way through the new (possibly last) chapter of Selina and Donovan, and going well with part 4 of my collaboration story with all the babies.

I will post part 3 (when Wade finds out) soon I think.