When the brain has other ideas…

I got up to pee at 6.20am then went back to bed because today is the only day of the week I don’t have to get up.

I was lying in bed trying to get back to sleep but my brain was trying to find a good starting line for that new story I’ve been thinking about for Bree. I rolled over to check the time on my phone on the bedside table, knocked over a pen and said, FINE! YOU WIN!

Crossed the room to get my notebook on the dresser and got back in the bed and wrote.

1h20 and 14 A5 handwritten pages later…

Not sure I got my mojo back but this is the most I’ve written in weeks!!



I’m still working on that post about baby loss I started. It went in a different direction than originally planned and I’m stuck.
It’s like my brain wants me to write it but doesn’t at the same time.
And since my brain is stuck on that particular post, I can’t write anything else.

We had a lovely weekend away with the kids, did a lot of stuff, got a pic with a hot rugby player after the game we went to on Saturday, had baby cuddles on Sunday at a friend’s house. Now back to real life.

I miss my kids already. I took them to their dad’s on Sunday night. Mr7 was being weird in the car and when I asked him what was wrong he said he was sad because he wanted to keep the nail polish on his nails (bright red — all the kids did their nails at our friend’s house on Sunday, except Miss11 because her school doesn’t allow nail polish) but he knew Dad would yell at him until he took it off and he wanted to keep it on as long as he could but then his friend Max would tease him at school.

I told him that next time he’s home for the weekend, we can do his nails after school on Friday and he can keep it on ALL weekend. I suggested i could buy purple (fave colour) but he said he likes that red.


Still pisses me off that a man who wears a PINK shirt to work (not salmon, actual pink) has an issue with his son liking purple and wanting to wear purple.

Taking Mr7 to ukulele tonight so the mum guilt can STFU and I’m doing it for him, so he doesn’t miss out on something he loves, NOT to help out his father who doesn’t care.

I think I caught some kind of writing bug.

I wrote just under 600 words on Saturday, then my brain decided that was enough. But I have a clear(ish!) idea of what happens between Calleigh and Alyssa next, and then later when Cole arrives at her house.

Yesterday we took the kids to the library for a bit, to get them out of the house, and I wrote about 3 pages in my A5 notebook of my new story about the boarder. Sadly, we didn’t stay long at the library, it closes at 3pm on Sundays and we got there after 2pm…

While my wife was making delicious coconut and spiced roast pumpkin soup for our dinner, I typed up the bits of the boarder story I hadn’t typed up yet (from my crazy writing session when I got the idea a few weeks ago). I changed some things and then I typed up the bits I’d written at the library and then more. Word count for Sunday: 1155.


I know, for some of you who average 10K a way, that seems risible, but it’s a LOT for me (I know, I know, I keep saying that…)

Every little bit helps, right?

Have a lovely Monday/end of Sunday!!

The problem with real people…

See, the problem when you base your characters on real (more or less) well-known people because you have a crush on them and your brain keeps coming up with fantasies, is that when it comes to posting your story or parts thereof, you will need to change their names and definitely their occupation.

Of course then you run the risk of changing the tone of your story a bit. And that sucks. I like rugby players. Not all of them, but a few. I like them a lot.

So I tend to write stories based on some of them. Of course I change the names so it’s not so obvious to the general public who exactly the characters are based on — besides, I read a blog post just yesterday about how it’s better to let your readers fill in some of the blanks about a character so the story will grab them on a more personal level and I happen to agree.

A bit over 2 years ago Bree started writing a story we jokingly refer to as Vampire Rugby about rugby players who get cursed by a witch and turned into life energy absorbing vampires. It started as a joke, but 235K words later, she started writing Part 2 and it wasn’t a joke anymore, but a proper story. (the vampire rugby link will take you to a post by Bree on the subject, with a deliciously smutty excerpt).Here’s the link for all the bits she posted of that story.

Two nights ago Bree got up at 2am to write something that demanded to be written. It reminded me that last year, while she was writing Part 2, I got an idea in my head, a scene that wouldn’t let me sleep until I wrote it. It was 1am so I gave up and walked into the lounge with my notebook and wrote the scene then went back to bed.

I opened that document again yesterday and changed all the names but when Bree asked if I was going to leave the bits about rugby as they were I wasn’t sure what to answer. I do want to leave them, because we (yes, I say ‘we’ because while Bree is the one doing the writing, I am very much involved in the plotting of the idea process so I claim part ownership. Sue me) wrote this about rugby players.

But at the same time it makes it very obvious who we wrote the story about and I’m not 100% comfortable with that.

I feel rather stuck.


Creative meetings are awesome (and dangerous)

Earlier this week Bree and I had a creative meeting which, as usual, led to sex and I made up a story for her, which she enjoyed very much.

The problem is, that story stayed in my head, demanding to be written. So I picked up the notebook I’d got to do that massive re-write of that story I have lost (the one on my MacBook that I can’t use…), flicked it over and started writing.

I still need to type it out to see how many words it is so far (it’s nowhere near finished!) but in the meantime, this morning I got hit by a bus.

A plot bus.

You know the kind, you thought your story was going one way and BAM you get another idea that changes it, hopefully for the better, and you can try to resist, but it’s like the moonlight, you can’t fight it (for those of you now singing a long, you are welcome).

I’m still resisting the bus but I know I’ll have to give in soon, because it’s THERE, in my head, all the time!

Happy writing!

Of the perils of creative meetings…

Bree & I had a couple of what we call ‘creative meetings’ yesterday, where we discuss her characters and plot development for the current story. We tend to cover a lot of grounds in those, and come up with different ideas we then decide to run with or not.
The problem is that it gets my brain thinking about said characters and plot ideas. And sometimes my brain just won’t let go.
This morning when I was driving our kids to school I got hit with an idea for Bree’s story (about a girl called Lanie who’s dating twin brother Blake and Logan, you can read what’s been posted here and here **WARNING** it’s NSFW, kinky and deliciously naughty) and the words came to me. I tried to ignore them but they kept pestering me so when I came home from my physio appointment (acupuncture! on my elbow!) I opened a document and started to write.
I wrote 529 words before we had to leave to meet a friend for lunch. I’m not done yet. It felt good to write again. I’ve been consumed with the need to finish editing my friend’s book in the past 2 weeks (and binge watching Castle until 2am most nights) and I’ve been putting my writey feeling on the back burner.
But today it came back and I’m glad I went with it. I haven’t had time to sit down and write more yet but I know I will, my brain is thinking up words…

So much naughtiness to write about…

I started writing a post earlier today but halfway through writing it, I realised that I wrote about the exact same thing a few weeks ago…

The one about the 1033 words I wrote in one setting on my new story, instead of going to bed at the same time as my wife.

See, the thing is, 1000 words might not seem like much to some people (looking at you, Bree of the 10,000 words a day), but for me it’s quite something. Especially since I seem to write in bursts. Bursts of inspiration that is. I’ll feel writey for days and then suddenly the words are ready and I’ll write. Then it stops.

I meant to write today, so I started reading another story I wrote, to see if I’d feel inspired to write more. Instead I changed and added bits here and there. Then I did some googling.

My wife found a book at the Red Cross book store last week, a book from 1853 in which a little boy had written his name (under 2 other names) in 1905. Some googling took us to a genealogy page where we learned that some of the people of that family were buried in the Old Cemetery of the town we live in. On Thursday we went looking for their headstones at the cemetery and were rather excited to find them.
Today we decided to email the man who owns the genealogy page we’d found, to tell him about the book and he was as excited as us to learn about it all. We’ve been learning about his family history and it’s pretty amazing. The little boy who wrote in the book in 1905 moved to Fiji in the 1940s and founded Blue Lagoon Cruises!

It’s cold tonight and my ankles are frozen. Time for a cuppa and some reading/editing.