Sad anniversary + update

Ten years is a long time.

And yet, sometimes, it feels like it was just yesterday that I lost my baby girl.

While she was actually born on 17th August, the 16th is often the worst day for me.

It happened that way this year. The sun shining helped with my atrocious mood, as did having lunch with my wife. ❤

A very dear friend came over this afternoon and gave me this wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful present she made.

dragonfly flower

I am working on the last chapter of Selina and Donovan’s story, slowly, as the last few chapters were rather draining. I’m also 4500 words into something new, a collaboration of sorts with my wife on a thing she’s writing (she’s writing about one character and I’ve started writing about another one from the same story). It’s very exciting.


4 thoughts on “Sad anniversary + update

  1. I could slap WP’s reader some days. It won’t load all my posts. How can I effectively read every post if I cannot find it! *Rant over* I love your work, I am so glad there’s more (though I can’t find it! Thankfully you sent a link!)!

    I know this month is hard, just from talking with you. Know you have many people offering prayers and hopes up for you! I know that little one is watching over all of your darlings smiling at all the antics! You are wonderful momma, never forget it!

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